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New IR Solution with Industry-First Chronological Data Visualization and Analysis Capability

Pioneering the realm of cybersecurity solutions, appNovi has introduced appNovi v3.0, a version that promises to redefine incident response. The release introduces an unparalleled feature – chronological data visualization and analysis – a development set to significantly expedite incident response times by facilitating comprehensive data exploration.

The revolutionary "Time Lapse" feature grants practitioners the ability to precisely pinpoint moments in time, gaining a deep understanding of the intricate interplay among cyber assets and network connections. Visualizing the evolution of these relationships over time provides users with unprecedented insights into the sequence of events during security incidents, including subsequent actions executed by threat actors. This directly addresses the persistent challenge in incident response: deciphering the complex dynamics of point-in-time incidents.

appNovi now stands as the sole platform delivering a unified console experience for chronological visual investigation during incident response. This comprehensive approach effectively eliminates the need for fragmented or partial incident response strategies, thereby leading to a significant reduction in Mean Time to Response (MTTR). “As former practitioners, we had difficulty answering questions around point in time incidents, requiring the use of custom queries and spreadsheets - and repeating this process for the next incident,” said Joe Schreiber, Chief Executive Officer, appNovi. “With this new functionality, our users can get these results in seconds.”

Security teams currently utilizing appNovi's security solution already enjoy the benefits of high-fidelity data sources, offering complete visibility and automating various security control processes. With the integration of the new time series feature, security teams can specify precise time points or ranges, thereby gaining historical insights without grappling with intricate queries and data compilation. “Empowering security teams to simply rewind to a point in time to gain a complete picture of how a security event occurred is an evolutionary capability for the SOC,” said Kurt John, Global Chief Security Officer of Expedia. “appNovi is visualizing massive amounts of telemetry and cyber asset data to cut days of work down to seconds for security teams.”

This release underscores appNovi's unwavering commitment to enhancing the efficiency of incident response. By equipping security teams with a potent tool to swiftly investigate and mitigate cyber threats, appNovi remains at the forefront of cybersecurity advancements. ###


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