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New Research on AI's Essential Role in Elevating Email Security Against Growing Threats

IRONSCALES, a leader in enterprise cloud email security, has unveiled results from an upcoming research report shedding light on the crucial role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in enhancing email security. The report, titled "The Role of AI in Email Security," was carried out by renowned research firm Osterman Research and surveyed 148 security leaders from organizations with over 1,000 employees. The research delves into the changing landscape of advanced email threats attributed to the rise of AI-driven attacks.

The report highlights the growing use of AI by cybercriminals in orchestrating email attacks. A significant 74% of respondents noted an uptick in AI-powered cyber attacks over the last six months. Additionally, more than 85% anticipate AI will be employed to bypass existing email security measures, underscoring the need for effective countermeasures.

With email security taking precedence, the report reveals that 77% of organizations now rank it among their top three security priorities. A majority of security leaders foresee AI as playing a pivotal role in future email defense strategies.

In response to these threats, organizations are proactively enhancing their defenses with AI-integrated tools. Notably, 90% of organizations have incorporated AI-enabled email security solutions beyond what their cloud email providers offer. The report emphasizes AI's dual function in preserving and improving detection accuracy. Through AI-enabled email security, 42% of organizations maintained their detection standards, while 35% witnessed an enhancement beyond their earlier performance.

While AI remains pivotal, human insights continue to be valued. The amalgamation of AI and human intuition is vital for a comprehensive cybersecurity approach. Organizations prioritize factors such as simplified reporting of suspicious emails and result presentation, showcasing the importance of human involvement in effective threat response. Furthermore, the synergy of AI and human feedback aids in training machine learning models, augmenting AI's contextual understanding and threat identification accuracy.



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