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Obsidian Security Expands Posture Hardening Capabilities

Obsidian Security, a SaaS security company, has announced a major expansion of its Posture Hardening capabilities. The company has added support for eleven additional applications, including Auth0, Datadog, Fastly, GitLab, JFrog Artifactory, Jumpcloud, Logz, Sendgrid, Tableau, Zendesk, and Zuora. This move showcases Obsidian's commitment to optimizing security for the growing number of SaaS applications, while ensuring a seamless user experience without the complexities of an SDK approach. The integration of these applications was achieved in just one week, demonstrating Obsidian's dedication to agile innovation and rapid product evolution.

Earlier this year, Obsidian made waves with the launch of its Next-Gen SSPM solutions suite, consisting of Obsidian Compliance Posture Management™, Obsidian Integration Risk Management™, and Obsidian Extend™. This suite has revolutionized the security landscape by empowering security and GRC teams with powerful tools to enhance their SaaS security and compliance posture. Glenn Chisholm, Chief Product Officer of Obsidian Security, emphasized the company's goal of providing security teams with measurable enhancements and greater control over their SaaS security and compliance.

The extension of support for these eleven applications is made possible by Obsidian's extensible platform, which enables seamless integration of new apps. This flexibility ensures that customers can rapidly onboard new applications and safeguard against emerging cybersecurity threats without the hassle of dealing with complex SDKs.

Chisholm explained, "Our platform enables us to quickly incorporate new applications, providing customers with valuable insights into their SaaS posture. This translates into tangible security benefits for our clients, without imposing additional implementation burdens."

Obsidian's customer-centric approach is highlighted by Chisholm's acknowledgement of the pivotal role customer feedback plays in shaping their product decisions. The company remains committed to meeting the evolving needs of its customers and addressing the challenges posed by the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape.

Obsidian Security continues to position itself as a global leader in SaaS security, consistently pushing the boundaries of innovation to deliver cutting-edge solutions that empower organizations to secure their SaaS applications effectively.



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