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OPSWAT Unveils Enhancements to MetaDefender Kiosk Line at ARC Industry Leadership Forum

In a bid to address the mounting challenges organizations face in safeguarding critical infrastructure against evolving cyber threats, OPSWAT has revealed significant advancements to its MetaDefender Kiosk product line at the ARC Industry Leadership Forum in Orlando, FL.

OPSWAT, a trailblazer in critical infrastructure protection (CIP) cybersecurity solutions, showcased its unwavering commitment to innovation with the introduction of novel features tailored to bolstering security measures against threats originating from peripheral media like USBs and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) devices.

Benny Czarny, Founder and CEO at OPSWAT, emphasized the strategic importance of these enhancements, stating, "These product enhancements mark a significant step forward in the evolution of OPSWAT's MetaDefender Kiosk product line, addressing the dynamic challenges faced by organizations in securing critical environments."

The newly introduced OPSWAT Kiosk Mini builds upon the success of its predecessor, the Mobile Kiosk, offering a compact and versatile solution catering to specific customer requirements. Designed to be more accessible, portable, and compatible across various media interfaces, the Kiosk Mini boasts a built-in battery and a lower barrier of entry, rendering peripheral media protection more flexible for a diverse array of use cases.

Accompanying the Kiosk Mini is the unveiling of the OPSWAT MetaDefender Kiosk Stand, a response to customer feedback and rigorous internal research. This innovative hardware supports VESA-mountable Kiosks and other VESA-mountable devices, featuring a three-bay Stand equipped with a secure HDD bay and supporting various removable media types. The inclusion of a lockable key ensures secure scans, enabling proper checks of peripheral media before entry into critical environments, thereby aligning with global regulations and certifications.

A new addition to the MetaDefender Kiosk product line is the integration with OPSWAT's Sandbox technology, marking the industry's first peripheral media scanning solution to offer adaptive threat analysis technology for zero-day malware detection. This integration empowers organizations to detect threats, even in air-gapped areas, without the need for software installation on critical assets. Furthermore, integration with MetaDefender Media Firewall facilitates policy enforcement with a no-touch solution and zero endpoint installation, bolstering defense-in-depth peripheral media protection for critical environments.

The unveiling of these enhancements underscores OPSWAT's commitment to pioneering solutions that redefine accessibility and functionality, setting a new standard for OT cybersecurity.


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