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Orca Security Integrates with Microsoft Azure OpenAI GPT-4 for Improved Cloud Security

Orca Security has announced the full integration of Microsoft Azure OpenAI GPT-4 in its Cloud Security platform. Orca became the first cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP) to support GPT-4 through the Azure OpenAI Service. Orca has also introduced several new features, building on the ChatGPT implementation that was announced in January. With the Microsoft integration, Orca Security customers can benefit from the improved functionality in GPT-4 as well as the security and enterprise support provided by Microsoft.

The Azure OpenAI Service provides REST API access to OpenAI's ChatGPT technology. Since Orca's introduction of GPT-3 support in January, customers have used it to dramatically reduce their mean-time-to-remediation (MTTR). With the transition to GPT-4, customers will benefit from the model's improved accuracy as well as its ability to generate code snippets. Orca Security customers can also take advantage of privacy of customer data submitted to the service, compliance with regulations such as HIPAA and SOC2, an uptime SLA of 99.9%, and regional availability for lower latency and increased reliability.

In addition to the GPT-4 integration, Orca has made several other enhancements to its integration, including prompt improvements to optimize remediation responses further, a new Open Policy Agent (OPA) remediation method, and the ability to include remediation steps in Jira tickets when assigning cloud security issues.

Gil Geron, CEO at Orca Security, said, "It’s been amazing to see customers embrace it in so many ways to gain dramatic efficiency improvements. With our integration with GPT-4 through the Azure OpenAI Service, we continue to improve accuracy and ensure privacy to protect our customers’ data while maximizing its benefit.” The Azure OpenAI GPT-4 integration is available immediately. ###


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