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PlainID Enhances SQL Database Security with Dynamic Authorization

PlainID, a leading provider of authorization solutions, has unveiled its latest security features through the PlainID Authorizer for SQL databases. These new capabilities, when combined with PlainID's existing offerings, aim to revolutionize central authorization management and enforcement distribution, providing dynamic, scalable security for all users accessing SQL databases.

Traditionally, authorization has been tightly integrated into individual applications, resulting in scalability and security challenges. Siloed controls have made it difficult to ensure proper permissions and compliance, and rules initially designed for databases often don't align with end users' needs for applications and services. PlainID aims to tackle these issues head-on with The PlainID Authorizer™ for SQL Databases and The PlainID Authorization Platform, streamlining authorization administration and externalization.

The PlainID Authorization Platform introduces real-time, context-aware access to digital assets stored in databases like PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and Amazon Redshift. The Authorizer dynamically adjusts queries at runtime to deliver data that users are authorized to access. Positioned within the data or microservices layers of applications, this platform enhances security on a large scale. It ensures that users can only view specific data based on the source, offering enterprises:

  1. Central Policy Management: A business-driven user interface for consistent access control across company applications.

  2. Course & Fine-grained Authorization: Granular controls for specifying which rows, columns, and cells authorized users can access.

  3. Low to no-code Integration: The use of PlainID's SQL SDK expedites application development while maintaining robust access controls.

  4. Consistent Data Control: Standardized data access controls across enterprise layers, including applications, microservices, and APIs.

Gal Helemski, co-founder and CTO at PlainID, expressed enthusiasm for the new features, saying, "With enterprise-wide data access control, low-code/no-code development, and standardized access controls, the new Authorizer for SQL databases will empower enterprises to better regulate data protection granularity and meet industry requirements locally and globally. PlainID delivers flexibility and agility, enhancing our ability to grant access to the right individuals."

PlainID's latest offering represents a significant step forward in addressing the complexities and challenges associated with database authorization, providing organizations with the tools needed to ensure data security and compliance in an increasingly interconnected digital landscape.


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