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Product Spotlight: Bastille Enterprise Cellular Intrusion Detection

Name of Product: Bastille Enterprise Cellular Intrusion Detection

Bastille Enterprise enables corporations to combat threats from Radio Frequency (RF) devices such as Cellphones, and IoT devices using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, BLE, Cellular and IoT protocols. These threats arise from managed, unmanaged and rogue wireless, IoT and cellular devices. Bastille does this by using a network of Software Defined Radio sensor arrays (SDRs) to passively observe the entire RF emissions from 60 MHz to 6GHz. The location of RF devices are displayed in the Bastille GUI as “dots on a map”, allowing you to see where each device is on your building floor plan. Through APIs, Bastille integrates with Splunk, PagerDuty, PTZ Cameras and SIEMS systems, allowing data from Bastille to be shared with your existing network infrastructure systems. More than 70 percent of devices connected to the network today are connected via RF and Cellular and that percentage is growing rapidly. Equally important are the radio-enabled and cellular devices in your facility which are NOT connected to your network; those which enter daily with employees and visitors, and those installed by contractors into your buildings. These devices are the ones which can be used to exfiltrate voice, video, and computer data right past your firewalls and into the unsecure world outside. (note: Ericsson estimated that there will be 3.5 billion IoT cellular devices by 2023.)

Key Differentiators:

  • COMPLETE VISIBILITY: Detect all the wireless/cellular devices and connections in your facilities whether or not they have connected to your network

  • THREAT DETECTION: Detect that a device such as one with a Bluetooth or cellular connection that is transmitting data (and is not just an employee listening to music), or which have a known vulnerability (such as the recent SweynTooth vulnerability for Bluetooth devices.

  • ACCURATE THREAT LOCATION: Locate both of the offending devices on your floor plan.

Who It's Intended For:


  • Finance

  • Technology

  • Healthcare

  • Manufacturing


  • IRS Lockbox and payment processing facilities

  • Trading Floors

  • Call Centers

  • Data Centers

  • Facility/Campus Headquarters


  • Enterprise Executives: (CISOs, CIOs, VP/Head/Director/Manager of Information, Network/Systems Administrators)

  • Analysts: (Information Security Analysts, Cybersecurity Analysts)

UI Examples:




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