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Product Spotlight: CoreSaaS by CoreView

Name of Product: CoreSaaS

Companies want visibility to discover, manage and govern all SaaS applications in use within the organization. CoreSaaS is a SaaS Management Platform (SMP) that increases security, discovers shadow IT, handles licenses, contracts, billing and renewal -- manages SaaS in one single intuitive portal. IT/security administrators get a full view of what is happening on their corporate network and pull together all the SaaS products being used into one management interface.

This level of visibility is more important than ever as enterprises, higher-ed institutions and government agencies face challenges related to remote work, like shadow IT. End users eager to adopt new cloud apps to support their remote work are bypassing IT administrators and in doing so, inadvertently opening both themselves and their organization up to new threats – and wasted spend.

CoreSaaS provides IT with visibility into which SaaS apps are in use and by whom. Enterprises use CoreSaaS to discover cloud software products, manage costs and renewals, increase security and compliance, and automate processes.

Key Differentiators:

IT/security administrators get a full view of what is happening within their corporate network and pull together all their corporate SaaS products into one management interface.

  • Shadow IT is extensive, especially in today’s world of remote working. CoreSaaS enables users to discover which SaaS apps are in use and by whom. CoreSaaS tracks more than 40,000 SaaS apps, using 14 discovery methods, to give IT/security a complete picture of their SaaS estate.

  • SaaS activity is monitored, giving customers the ability to identify and act upon misconfigurations, suspicious events, and risky behavior across many SaaS products. Users can apply consistent policies to avoid security risks, and access extended audit logs for long-term forensic analysis.

  • CoreSaaS helps identify trends by providing a comprehensive view into organizations’ IT environments and SaaS products used on their network. For example, potential findings include app growth among teams, departments, geographies and across the company.

Who It's Intended For:

  • Organizations of all types, including government agencies, finance and higher-education institutions use CoreSaaS to get unparalleled visibility into usage, costs, renewal schedules, policy enforcement, and security and configuration vulnerabilities, including the ability to help manage shadow IT apps by bringing them under IT's control. 

  • CoreSaaS examines the SaaS portfolios of end users -- including technical and non-technical workers. Primary IT CoreSaaS IT users include administrators, security professionals, C-level execs, and finance and procurement.

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