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Product Spotlight: The Onapsis Platform

Name of Product: The Onapsis Platform


The Onapsis Platform provides global businesses with actionable insight, change assurance, automated governance, and continuous monitoring capabilities to help protect business-critical applications, including SAP, Oracle EBS and leading SaaS applications. The Onapsis Platform is designed for cross-functional collaboration among IT, cybersecurity, development, and GRC teams responsible for business-critical application performance and protection. This allows groups to optimize workflows and automate manual tasks, all while reducing costs. With The Onapsis Platform, customers reduce the cost of security testing associated with application modernization by 80%, accelerate cloud migration projects by 50%, and automate 90% of manual audit reporting tasks. The Onapsis Platform also comes with the power of the Onapsis Research Labs ─ a dedicated team that detects and shares information with customers regarding threats and vulnerabilities to SAP and Oracle systems.

Key Differentiators:

  • Quality Assessment: Provides actionable insight so development and security teams can quickly and easily discover, assess, prioritize and improve code quality, and eliminate application vulnerabilities.

  • Control Functionality: Secures change to inspect, manage and accelerate maintenance and modernization workflows while controlling configuration so business application administrators and architects can focus on optimizing and modernizing systems with confidence.

  • Compliance Support: Automates governance that provides compliance, IT, and business application administration teams with robust enforcement and reporting capabilities to ensure an organization’s core business applications and sensitive data are safe and compliant.

  • Defense Capabilities: Continuous monitoring delivers complete, real-time visibility into business applications and arms security operations center (SOC) and incident response (IR) teams with the capabilities to respond to internal and external threats.

Who It's Intended For:

  • Organizations that run their business on SAP, Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) and leading cloud-based platforms including Concur, Ariba and SuccessFactors

  • CIOs, CISOs and CROs in charge of business-critical applications

  • SAP Basis and Oracle Database Administrators

Dashboard UI Example:


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