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Product Spotlight: Zettaset XCrypt Kubernetes Encryption


XCrypt Kubernetes Encryption is the first-of-its-kind, software-defined encryption solution that simplifies protection of data at-rest stored across Kubernetes environments. The solution provides a granular approach to encryption for even the most complex Kubernetes environments. Enterprise customers benefit from the solution’s transparent, yet high performing, layer of security that does not degrade performance or speed.

Key Differentiators:

  • Software-based for a cost-effective, simple and fast deployment without the need for proprietary appliances

  • Directly integrates with Kubernetes, it works with your existing hardware and requires no specialized encryption expertise

  • Infinitely scalable across your environment, the solution leaves a negligible impact on overall performance

Who It's Intended For:

Enterprise IT and developer teams that are looking to/already leverage Kubernetes for container orchestration and management.

UI Screenshots:


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