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Rezonate Integrates with CrowdStrike Falcon® XDR to Combat Identity-Based Threats

Rezonate has announced a new integration with CrowdStrike's AI-native Falcon® XDR platform. This collaboration aims to enhance the detection and response capabilities against modern identity-based threats, extending protection across on-premises systems, cloud infrastructures, identity providers, and SaaS applications.

As businesses continue to expand digitally, they face increased challenges in securing access to critical applications and data. The rapid growth of cloud services and SaaS applications has created a complex and vulnerable identity landscape, rife with shadow accounts, unprotected access paths, and semi-secure protocols. These vulnerabilities present a golden opportunity for attackers, who exploit the fragmented and often insecure identity fabric.

Roy Akerman, co-founder and CEO of Rezonate, highlighted the gravity of the situation: "Threat groups, cybercriminals, and state-funded attackers are gaining an advantage because identity security is broken across multiple tools and stakeholders in the organizations, each lacking the context or control over many parts of human and non-human identities. Attackers exploit this fragmentation, swiftly compromising identities and breaking out from one user account to another across diverse systems."

The new integration with CrowdStrike Falcon® XDR is designed to address these challenges by providing security teams with comprehensive tools to monitor and protect their organization's identity fabric. Key features of this integration include:

  1. End-to-End Identity Attack Surface Visibility: This feature correlates user accounts and endpoint signals with identities across cloud, SaaS, and identity providers. By delivering a unified storyline, it offers comprehensive visibility into the identity landscape.

  2. Unified Identity Threat Detection: Leveraging real-time threat signals, models, and indicators of compromise (IOCs), this capability monitors millions of identity and access events, enabling swift detection and prevention of identity breaches on endpoints and beyond.

  3. Blast Radius Analysis: This tool discovers endpoint-related identities and their access privileges across various platforms, helping to contain attacks more effectively.

  4. Response Orchestration: Expanding response actions beyond the endpoint, this feature aims to halt lateral movement across cloud identities, ensuring comprehensive threat containment.

  5. Identity and Access Compliance for NIST CSF 2.0: Streamlining the investigation of suspicious activities, this capability enhances compliance across cloud infrastructures, SaaS applications, and identity providers.

For organizations managing hybrid environments, the integration offers real-time, actionable insights and automated risk-driven remediation, providing security teams with the tools they need to maintain robust defense mechanisms.

Akerman emphasized the critical need for this integration, stating, "While multiple parties monitor and control identities in isolated silos, attackers capitalize on this disjointed process, seamlessly executing their malicious intent. The recent string of high-profile breaches are living proof of this growing problem. Rezonate and CrowdStrike bring real-time security to the identity and access realm, treating identity holistically and ensuring end-to-end coverage, emphasizing the need for instantaneous, intelligent responses to attacks from cloud to ground."


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