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Satori Announces Data Users Directory for Streamlined Enterprise Data Access Management, GDPR

Satori, the industry’s leading provider of data governance and secure data access, today announced the Data Users Directory service, which leverages universal data access groups to provide customers with a more streamlined data entitlement process. In accordance with GDPR requirements that companies implement appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect data, the Data Users Directory service helps companies organize internal data users in a way that matches their data access needs while still safeguarding access to sensitive data.

"Most organizations have a strong foundation of identity management with a single source of truth for identity information,” said Yoav Cohen, CTO and co-founder of Satori. “However, when data engineering and governance teams are faced with the challenge of managing access to data, the traditional role-based access control approach is not flexible enough and requires data teams to ask for changes in how users and groups are modeled from IT, resulting in back-and-forth tickets and discussions. The Satori Directory enables data teams to model the identity space of the organization in the context of access to data independently, while still leveraging existing user and group associations where applicable."

This service decouples user management from database Role-based access control (RBAC) and permissions implementations. Taking into account database users, their roles and identity providers (IdP), this strategy provides simplified role management for databases and helps define universal data access identities and groups across enterprise data stores. In effect, data engineering teams can reduce time spent on database RBAC implementations and ongoing maintenance.

This capability is available to all Satori customers. Leveraging Satori’s comprehensive data user context, customers simply organize existing users and groups in a way that fits data access instead of database administrative tasks or HR organizational structure. Satori groups are built for organizations that do not use an identity provider, in cases where the association of users to groups in the identity provider does not match how their data is actually accessed, and for organizations that have data engineering teams who don’t want to be dependent on external stakeholders such as IT.

"The Satori Directory lets me organize both users and programmatic access to data according to their Okta groups or Snowflake roles, and apply data access policies in a more streamlined way,” said Eyal Fishman, Data Engineer at Via - On-Demand Transit.

For more information on Satori and the Data Users Directory service, visit

About Satori

Satori is revolutionizing data protection and governance. Its Secure Data Access Platform seamlessly integrates into any environment to deliver complete data-flow visibility utilizing activity-based discovery and classification. The platform provides context-aware and granular data access and privacy policies across all enterprise data flows, data access and data stores. With Satori, organizations and their data teams can confidently ensure that data security, privacy and compliance are in place - enabling data-driven innovation and competitive advantage.



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