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Semperis and NTT DATA Join Forces to Enhance Identity-Centric Cybersecurity Solutions

Semperis, a leader in identity-driven cyber resilience, has announced the expansion of its strategic partnership with NTT DATA, a prominent digital business and IT services provider. Together, they will deliver security-centric managed services that combine NTT DATA's expertise in business and technology services with Semperis' comprehensive identity threat detection and response (ITDR) solutions.

Identity systems like Microsoft Active Directory (AD) and Entra ID are prime targets for cybercriminals, affecting more than 90% of enterprises. Semperis offers a multi-layered defense approach that spans before, during, and after a cyberattack. Their ITDR solutions, coupled with incident response expertise, provide industry-leading security technology for hybrid AD and other identity systems. Through this partnership, NTT DATA aims to address the increasing demand for hybrid AD protection.

"Our partnership with NTT DATA will enable more organizations to protect their identity infrastructure from cyberattacks and respond to attacks in progress to minimize damage to their business," said Dave Evans, Semperis VP of Global Channels and Alliances. "Semperis' suite of ITDR solutions easily integrates into NTT DATA’s end-to-end Identity & Access Management services, enabling clients to secure and recover their hybrid AD environments."

This partnership extends Semperis' global footprint and equips NTT DATA clients with comprehensive defense measures for on-premises AD and Entra ID (formerly Azure AD) against identity-based attacks. Together, the two companies will guide organizations through the entire identity attack lifecycle, offering breach preparedness and response guidance, purpose-built AD security and recovery solutions, and managed security services for hybrid identity environments.

"Our goal is to help our clients transform their business for success by leveraging advanced digital and IT services, including technology to protect the enterprise against evolving threat actors," said Dominic Bagnulo, Senior Director Hybrid Cloud and Cybersecurity Portfolio Leader, NTT DATA Services. "Semperis’ ability to restore AD in minutes or hours and real-time rollbacks to changes will help us further strengthen our clients’ security posture. We look forward to helping our clients prevent, mitigate, and recover from identity-related attacks with our comprehensive managed security services." ###


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