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Senserva Debuts Security Platform for Managing Microsoft 365 and Azure Active Directory Accounts

Senserva, a serverless cybersecurity innovator with a focus on Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) that helps companies eliminate threats and prevent harmful cyber-attacks, recently announced SenservaPro, a serverless cloud platform that keeps a company’s data, user accounts, and cloud environment secure through interactive user review and risk assessment of a client’s accounts and configurations.

SenservaPro is both a free and paid serverless application available through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace that installs within a client’s subscription and scans Azure Active Directory account data to rank order for security on all accounts in an Azure Active Directory. In the free version the scan takes all Azure Active Directory Roles and Licenses for an account and provides a weighted score on each account against risk factors such as, if the account is active, if accounts are using Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), and others. The results display in the User Review section of the SenservaPro user interface, rapid searches and review of the results can then be done.  Upgrades to the full version of SenservaPro can be done through in-app purchases. The paid version adds more risk factors to the scan. This includes valued analysis against Privileged Identity Management (PIM) and Risky User activity.

In the free version, the scan performed in the User Review is then used to check for compliance scores against a limited set of six Microsoft Azure identity and access compliance controls in the Enhanced Compliance section of the SenservaPro user interface. The results display data found during the scan to help the customer improve account security and meet compliance standards. The paid version includes nineteen Microsoft Azure identity and access controls as well as the Microsoft Identity Secure Score controls with the supporting data to further help the client’s compliance, at a click of a button. SenservaPro is scalable to any size organization and runs within the client’s tenant and subscriptions to ensure all data remains with the client.

“As increasing numbers of companies and organizations expand their relationship with cloud service providers without a full understanding of their own security settings and user privileges, they’ve inadvertently created a new level of risk into their environments. In the serverless cloud environment users become the focus of the security world,” said Mark Shavlik, Founder and CEO, Senserva.  “SenservaPro addresses this by helping clients with the principle of least privilege, allowing security teams to check for misconfigurations in user accounts, identify possible shadow admins that could be a security risk for an organization, and to help meet compliance standards. Because SenservaPro looks at data no one else is looking at, it is -- simply put -- a platform that helps people manage the complex problems associated with identity and access to minimize security risk.”

SenservaPro supports Microsoft 365 and Azure. SenservaPro is fully scalable and can work with any size organization.

Pricing and Availability

SenservaPro is a free service available now for automated installation in the customer’s Azure at  The full version of SenservaPro is available through the in-app purchase at a cost of $999.00 USD for a 12-month license. Standard Azure fees apply. 

In additional to the SenservaPro Application, Senserva bundles consulting services focused on helping customers use SenseraPro to improve their Azure user security posture (for up to five hours).  Pricing is  $2,499.00 US; additional options are available.

About Senserva

Senserva is a serverless cybersecurity innovator with a focus on Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) that helps companies eliminate threats and prevent harmful cyber-attacks. The company, founded by Internet security pioneer Mark Shavlik, has developed a patent-pending serverless solution that decreases management needs and keeps data secure by digging deep into a customer’s environment to rank-order all users by security risk and run this data against compliance controls.

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