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The Cyber Jack Podcast - The Importance of Diversity of Thought - Larry Whiteside Jr., RegScale

When individuals with different backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences come together, they bring unique insights and approaches to problem-solving, leading to more robust and effective cybersecurity strategies.

Larry Whiteside Jr., CISO at RegScale and Co-Founder and President of Cyversity, joins us to talk about the importance of diversity of thought in cybersecurity, how leaders can help accelerate diversity in the field, and how the non-profit Cyversity is making an impact.

All this and more on The Cyber Jack Podcast.

Larry Whiteside Jr
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A veteran CISO, CSO, CTO, former USAF Officer, and thought leader in the Cybersecurity field. He has 25+ years of experience building and running cybersecurity programs, holding C Level Security executive roles in multiple industries, including DoD, Federal Government, Financial Services, Healthcare, and Critical Infrastructure. Whiteside Jr. is also the Co-Founder of Cyversity, a 501(c)3 non-profit association that is dedicated to increasing the number of minorities and women in the cybersecurity career field. ###


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