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ThreatBlockr Brings Big Updates and Features to Give Customers More Control Over Their Cyber Intel

ThreatBlockr, an autonomous cyber intelligence and threat defense platform, has announced major updates and features to its platform. The release aims to improve flexibility, control, and visibility for security admins, allowing them to manage unexpected threats that were previously not possible.

The key updates include list consolidation, simplified policy configuration, easier protection of networks and ports, improvements to management systems, and simplified access controls.

These updates aim to provide customers with more insight and blocking powers to prioritize alerts, bidirectionally block attacks and analyze threats. ThreatBlockr's solution reduces network traffic by 30-50%, and the updates bring key capabilities into a single pane of glass, streamlining processes, and delivering measurably increased protection. The company claims to prevent traffic to and from millions of malicious IP addresses and domains, which reduces the likelihood of a successful attack on a network. ###


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