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Tribyl Launches First Machine Learning-Based Win-Loss Solution to Unlock Profitable Revenue Growth

Tribyl (tri.bal), the premier Buyer Intelligence Cloud™ platform, today announced the launch of its machine learning-based win-loss analysis product for B2B enterprises of all sizes. Product marketers rely on timely insights into why and how customers are buying to inform messaging and positioning. However, win-loss analysis is a 100% manual process today -- data collection is painful and costly, and limited to a small fraction of deals. Tribyl’s product is a first-of-its-kind solution that uses machine learning to mine both unstructured and structured data, creating a single source of truth across all buying journeys and enabling go-to-market teams to make smarter and faster decisions. Per CSO Insights, dynamic customer journey alignment can unlock 15-20% higher revenue growth.

Tribyl’s win-loss product is timely, too. Most enterprise markets have become highly crowded and competitive, impacting win rates. Buyers are more educated and aware than ever before, but also more overwhelmed -- getting to decision makers has become harder, and 4 out of 10 deals end up in “no decision”. As a result, real-time feedback on what messaging and positioning is converting to revenue is critical to finding, accelerating, and closing deals. Today, these insights lay buried in emails, call recordings, CRM, documents, surveys, and interview transcripts, hard to search, and often never to be found. By the time product marketing teams complete manual win-loss analysis and update messaging and positioning, the market has changed, and opportunities lost. Tribyl’s automated approach provides timely voice of the customer insights into all wins, losses, and no decisions, leading to higher quality go-to-market decisions and higher conversion at each stage of the funnel.

Sanjeev Somani, Founder and CEO of Tribyl, said: “Product innovation across industries is happening more rapidly than ever before. Both buyers and competitors are evolving fast. Enterprises need to be more attuned to end customer needs and respond with the right product and right messages to break through the noise. Tribyl offers the only solution in the market today that serves the product marketer and makes them a hero by providing fast and actionable buyer and competitive intelligence in one place. And for the first time ever, product marketers get their own system of record to directly attribute messaging and positioning to revenue and win rates.”

Anand Akela, VP Product Marketing at Nutanix (NASDAQ: NTNX), said: “We understand the importance of aligning product, marketing, and sales to the buyer’s journey, but it’s been challenging to make this shift overnight given limitations of manual data collection. Tribyl’s win-loss solution solves this headache and gives us granular insights into what messages are landing with prospects and customers and converting to deals. We're looking forward to leveraging their solution to further refine and target our messages.”

Tribyl is solving a critical gap in the revenue intelligence stack -- a single source of truth on buying journeys, captured in a self-learning playbook. Tribyl’s platform uses purpose-built natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms to analyze both structured and unstructured data to automatically identify which messages are converting to revenue (or not) for a specific buyer and at each stage of the funnel. This allows product marketers to rinse and repeat messaging that is driving sales, while pinpointing gaps to address. Furthermore, Tribyl’s win-loss insights are unique, proprietary and contextually relevant to each enterprise, as the data is surfaced from the “digital exhaust” of actual sales cycles across all deals. With the launch of the win-loss product, Tribyl’s Buyer Intelligence Platform is now serving product marketers, in addition to already reinforcing win-loss insights directly in sales workflows.

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