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U.S. and Israeli Agencies Partner to Defend Against Cyberattacks

The U.S. and Israeli governments have shared key details of unrelated cyberattacks on their infrastructure — one from suspected pro-Russia hackers and the other from possible Iranian hackers — as part of heightened efforts in recent months to bolster cyber defenses between the two countries.

The exchange of intelligence underscores the value both governments place in tapping data gathered by their private sectors to guard against an array of hacking threats from governments and cybercriminals alike, and sets an example to other countries. Amit Shaked, CEO and co-founder of Laminar shared his insights on the alliance. Laminar is an Israeli-based cloud data security firm who has staff and customers located in the U.S.

"50% of organizations have had their cloud environments breached in the past two years, and 58% said their cloud data had been knowingly leaked and/or exfiltrated during that breach. Cybercriminals are using that data to create detailed profiles on individuals on the Dark Web, buying and selling credentials, identities, and more. Collaboration is critical to combatting cybercriminals and more countries should follow the U.S. and Israeli example. Sharing threat knowledge will put security teams one step ahead of threat actors, and set up organizations across the public and private sector up for success."



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