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Wing Security Unveils Expanded Product Lineup with New Pricing Tiers to Enhance SaaS Security for Mid-Market Companies

Wing Security, a leader in SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM), has announced an expansion of its product offerings with new pricing tiers tailored to meet the unique needs of mid-market companies at various stages of their security maturity journey. The company's advanced automated remediation solution streamlines security operations, offering efficiency and accuracy in protecting against SaaS vulnerabilities.

In light of the recent surge in attacks exploiting SaaS vulnerabilities by state-grade and top-tier malicious actors, such as incidents involving UNC4899, 0ktapus, and Midnight Blizzard APT, the need for robust SaaS security measures has become more urgent. Wing Security's analysis indicates that 97% of companies are at risk from compromised SaaS applications, highlighting the critical necessity of enhanced protection in an evolving threat landscape.

To address these challenges, Wing Security now offers a tiered automated solution designed to enable chief information security officers (CISOs) to tackle complex security issues associated with SaaS application usage efficiently. The solution leverages automation and customizable in-product remediation to reduce the need for extensive management, allowing CISOs to mitigate critical SaaS security risks without additional staffing or significant resource investment.

Galit Lubetzky Sharon, CEO of Wing Security, emphasized the company's commitment to empowering CISOs and the C-Suite: "Our expanded product lineup is designed to empower CISOs and the C-Suite to bolster their company's security posture in a way that aligns with both their budget and security needs. We are committed to ensuring that every organization can confidently adopt advanced yet affordable SaaS solutions, providing a high level of security that meets their unique requirements."

Wing Security's new pricing tiers cater to companies ranging from 500 to 5000 employees at various stages of their security maturity:

  • Free Risk Assessment Tier: Offers continuous risk assessment and basic operations, enabling organizations to manually take action upon identifying their top applications and associated risks.

  • Basic Tier: Tailored for organizations aiming to protect against application, supply chain, and Shadow IT risks with user access reviews and automated application risk management.

  • Pro Tier: Suited for mature organizations ready to proactively and automatically reduce their SaaS attack surface across applications and users.

  • Enterprise Tier: Designed for enterprises or heavily regulated organizations needing tight control around SaaS threats, offering total protection, detection, and response for all applications, users, and data.

Wing Security's expanded product lineup and new pricing tiers represent a significant step forward in enabling mid-market companies to secure their digital operations efficiently and effectively, bridging the gap between the need for robust SaaS security and the resources typically available to these companies.


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