World Password Day: Here's What Cyber Experts Say About the Future of Password Security - Part 5

This is part of a running commentary series for #WorldPasswordDay 2021.

Each year on the first Thursday in May, World Password Day strives to encourage users to elevate their password security strategy.

We heard from cybersecurity experts on what strong password security looks like and what the future of passwords holds.

Blake Hall, Founder and CEO,

“Passwords continue to plague consumers: How do you prove you are who you say you are online? Secure logins are usually valid for only one organization. People are forced to re-verify and create a new password at each site. We need to solve the password problem and put consumers in control of their own data.

The solution is a portable trusted login.

For example, at, we’ve developed a secure digital identity network. People use the same login and share their identity as they choose with both public and private sector organizations. Individuals verify their identity only once, and then their login and identity credentials move with them. People get improved access with less friction.”

Benoit Grangé, Chief Technology Evangelist, OneSpan: