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Xage Security Launches New IAM Solution for OT and ICS, Joins Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative

Xage Security has launched a multi-layer identity and access management solution to offer defense-in-depth security for operational technology (OT) and industrial control system (ICS) environments. The solution provides zero trust with granular control over a complex and interconnected OT-IT-Cloud architecture. By controlling the access that each individual has, organizations can block credential-based attacks at earlier stages to limit damage and keep mission-critical services running.

Xage Multi-layer Identity and Access Management solution enables organizations to eliminate attacks on their critical infrastructure by delivering defense-in-depth security for their environments, while orchestrating protection across multiple identity providers, Microsoft AD instances, network security levels, and locations. The solution addresses the challenge of cyber hardening complex IT, demilitarized zone (DMZ), and OT environment layers that are increasingly coming under adversarial attack.

Xage Multi-layer Identity and Access Management pairs with Xage’s existing multi-layer multi-factor authentication to protect critical infrastructure, including the ability to stop attackers from compromising critical assets, even if the attackers have stolen privileged login credentials. Large operational enterprises can use the solution to create separate identities at each layer and site with different admins to ensure that compromise of corporate IT credentials doesn’t result in compromise within OT.

This also assures that compromise of one site does not lead to compromise of all sites (or even other assets at the same site). In addition, operations teams can reduce complexity in the access management flow for their personnel and improve user experience.

Xage Joins Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative (JCDC)

Xage Security has joined the Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative (JCDC) for Industrial Control Systems (ICS) to offer enhanced threat defense approaches by offering ongoing insights and expertise into identity and access management (IAM) and cyber-physical asset protection based on zero trust principles. This partnership will give JCDC-ICS visibility into emerging threats and help defend against potential attacks. With the federal government’s increased focus on the cybersecurity and resilience of industrial control systems and operational technology (ICS/OT) amid rising cyber threats, Xage Security’s solutions can advance the collective cybersecurity posture of US and global organizations.



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