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XM Cyber Unveils Advanced SAP Exposure Management Capabilities to Enhance Cybersecurity

XM Cyber, a leader in hybrid cloud exposure management, has announced the launch of advanced capabilities designed to enhance the security of SAP deployments. This new feature, known as SAP Exposure Management, aims to provide organizations with continuous visibility into attack paths targeting SAP systems, alongside actionable guidance to mitigate these exposures.

Developed through meticulous research conducted in collaboration with SAP customers, XM Cyber's new capabilities are tailored to address the specific vulnerabilities within SAP environments. The company identified multiple attack techniques that are actively exploited, posing significant risks to business operations. In addition to these specific threats, common issues such as misconfigurations and credential abuse often compromise SAP systems, creating critical attack paths.

"SAP is how businesses get things done. If your SAP environment is compromised, you lose control of your data and you lose the ability to generate revenue. It’s why XM Cyber prioritized addressing the attack techniques that target SAP environments," said Boaz Gorodissky, CTO and Co-Founder of XM Cyber.

Key Benefits of XM Cyber’s SAP Exposure Management

  1. Continuous Exposure Identification: XM Cyber's platform continuously identifies and prioritizes exposures within SAP ERP systems, allowing security teams to stay ahead of potential threats.

  2. Attack Graph Analysis™: Leveraging XM Cyber's industry-leading Attack Graph Analysis™, the platform maps attack paths and identifies exposures targeting SAP systems. This comprehensive visibility enables organizations to analyze potential attack vectors, assess their impact, and identify key points for efficient risk remediation.

  3. Continuous Monitoring and Optimization: XM Cyber offers continuous monitoring, enabling organizations to dynamically adapt their security posture in response to evolving cyber threats targeting SAP systems. This proactive approach ensures that defenses are always up to date and effective.

  4. Guided Remediation: The platform provides detailed guidance on patching, alternative remediation options, and system hardening, helping security teams implement the most effective measures to protect their SAP environments.

Unified Approach to Hybrid Environment Security

By extending its Continuous Exposure Management platform to SAP, XM Cyber offers a unified view of risks across both SAP deployments and the broader hybrid environment. This integration drives efficiency and efficacy for security and IT teams by allowing them to visualize and prioritize remediation based on the potential impact on critical business assets.

The importance of this capability is underscored by the potential consequences of a compromised SAP environment, which can lead to data loss and significant operational disruptions. XM Cyber's focus on specific SAP attack techniques, coupled with its ability to address broader hygiene issues, provides a comprehensive solution to safeguard these vital systems.

Empowering Security Teams with Critical Insights

With these new capabilities, XM Cyber equips organizations with the necessary tools and knowledge to fortify their SAP environments against emerging threats. By identifying critical vulnerabilities and attack vectors, security teams can quantify risks to their production systems and implement effective defenses.

In an era where cyber threats are increasingly sophisticated, XM Cyber’s SAP Exposure Management stands out as a critical asset for organizations looking to enhance their cybersecurity posture and ensure the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of their SAP systems.


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