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Data Privacy Day 2023: Human Error Still Number One Cause Of Data Security Issues

This post is part of our Data Privacy Day series.

Alec Nuñez, Poll Everywhere

Alec Nuñez, Director of Business Compliance at Poll Everywhere

"Data Privacy Day (January 28) commemorates the 1981 signing of Convention 108, the first international, legally binding treaty focused on privacy and data protection. This day is celebrated all over the world—and for very important reasons. The speed at which technology has, and will continue to, advance has inherently increased the importance of focusing on data privacy for any organization; protecting both company and customer data has always been a top priority, and while many companies continue to deploy new solutions to safeguard data, malicious actors still find new ways to access and steal sensitive data. Protecting this data is more important now than ever.

The number one issue when it comes to data privacy is the lack of education and guidance for an organization’s team. Human error has been and will continue to be the number one cause of data security issues; there is no competition. Companies can significantly minimize the impact of it by crafting best practices and creating training programs for the handling of data with the intent that it become second nature for all. The principle of least privilege is a substantial foundation all companies can establish when it comes to mitigating data security risks. This concept states that a user or entity should only have access to the data, resources, and applications required to execute a task. In other words, only provide individuals access to what they actually need. This is a basic idea to implement, but it will have a huge impact, permeating your organization's system."



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