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Cohesity Expands AI-Powered Data Security Alliance to Enhance Cyber Resilience

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Cohesity, a leader in AI-powered data security and management, has announced the expansion of its Data Security Alliance ecosystem by partnering with six prominent Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) vendors. The DSPM vendors include BigID, Cyera, Dig Security, Normalyze, Sentra, and Securiti. In an era of increasing cloud adoption, the proliferation of data copies between cloud environments has led to the growth of shadow data. This situation poses risks to data security, cyber recovery, and compliance, as evidenced by 82% of breaches involving data stored in the cloud.

The expansion of Cohesity's Data Security Alliance aims to provide customers with a comprehensive selection of DSPM solutions, offering flexibility to choose the solution that best suits their needs. These partnerships will allow organizations to gain a deep understanding of the location, access, usage, and storage of their sensitive data, enhancing their cyber resilience posture when combined with Cohesity's modern data security and management technology.

"One of the primary challenges organizations face is the visibility of critical data across an array of repositories. The rapid adoption of cloud services, coupled with the proliferation of microservices and agile DevOps practices, has led to data sprawl, making critical and sensitive data hidden and unprotected," said Elad Horn, Group Vice President, Product, Cohesity.

"The integration with Normalyze, Cohesity’s initial design partner, is expected to be available within 30 days. The company’s partnership with BigID on enterprise-grade, ML/AI-powered data classification grows through this new integration with BigID’s DSPM capabilities and is expected to be available in 60 days. Additional DSPM partner integrations will be available in the coming months," Horn added.

Amer Deeba, CEO and Co-founder of Normalyze, highlighted how the joint solution offers unprecedented visibility and proactive protection against ransomware and cyberattacks.

"Cohesity is helping some of the largest enterprises in the world protect their data against ransomware and cyber threats in hybrid cloud environments," said Amer Deeba. "Now with the integration with Normalyze DSPM platform, customers get full visibility into their data across all clouds, SaaS, and on-prem. The joint solution gives security teams unprecedented visibility into their sensitive data locations and types, identifies and prioritizes risks based on the highest monetary impact to the organization in case of a data breach, and proactively protects the data from ransomware and cyber attacks."

Jennifer Glenn, Research Director for the IDC Security and Trust Group, praised Cohesity's Data Security Alliance for offering customers more insight and visibility into their data.

"Cohesity’s Data Security Alliance ecosystem offers customers the opportunity to implement security on their own terms, making it easy to integrate with vendors in adjacent technology spaces," said Jennifer Glenn. "The expansion of the program to include DSPM solutions such as BigID and Normalyze, as well as other pending integrations, gives customers more insight and visibility into their data and more confidence that it will be protected appropriately." ###


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