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Don’t Do it Alone, Banding Together: Celebrating Women Who Mentor

Women have consistently had their positions challenged throughout history, but time after time, obstacles have been shattered by strong, dedicated, and inspiring women. As women’s history month comes to a close, it is time to step back and appreciate the successful women who dedicate themselves to being mentors and sharing their success with the women around them - while inspiring young girls who will become the next generation of leaders.

Every leader should prioritize bringing equality and diversity into the workplace while fostering a positive environment. Although there have been great strides in creating equal opportunity between men and women, men are still typically provided more chances for leadership positions than their female counterparts. Male professionals who find themselves in positions of power should be supportive allies and assist in building channels for transparency and growth. Career advancement needs to be an open opportunity for every individual.

When looking back at all the accomplishments and landmark achievements women have earned throughout history, we also need to look forward to what still needs to be done. Change must happen on all levels - from pre-kindergarten to the C-level. This can only be achieved if we all band together, start initiatives, mentor others, and become more self-aware. Sometimes, just small changes can significantly affect how we treat and speak to others and become a catalyst for improving the culture.

Some of the leaders at Cubic Mission and Performance Solutions (CMPS) have shared their perspectives during this special month - touching on the importance of uplifting yourself and the women with whom you surround yourself with.

Theresa Tuskey, Senior Business Development Representative

“Find a mentor who inspires you. No matter what level position you’re in, everyone has room to learn from others, and it is important to be open to those learning opportunities. Lastly, real growth happens when you step out of your comfort zone.”

Zoe Yates, Director of Product Marketing and Customer Analytics

“I’m fortunate to have been raised in a country where women are mostly considered equal to their male counterparts; however, this hasn’t always been the case. Even today in some areas, women aren’t considered equal in all industries. However, organizations that demonstrate equality and diversity are often reported to be more successful with improved problem-solving, new and creative ideas, and increased staff morale. We all have a role in promoting equality and diversity in our workplace and communities.”

When giving advice to women starting out, Yates expressed, “Choose a career you love and don’t let others hold you back.”

After being told by an English teacher that she would never write for a living, Yates suppressed her creativity. Working her way into senior roles, she eventually had a manager who encouraged her to start writing content.

“My manager recognized my potential and mentored me. Being confident to write again unlocked my creativity, and today I write content daily and I love it. My work has been published across Cubic, and I’ve also been featured in several U.K. newspapers and magazines,” said Yates.

Sheila Bishop, Senior Proposal Director

“Be clear on your boundaries, personal AND professional. Don’t give in to the fear of failure. Early in my career, my manager told me I couldn’t mess anything up so badly that she couldn’t fix it, and that set me free to learn new skills and succeed.”

Noelle Barden, Contracts Director

One of the most prominent figures in Noelle’s life is her mother. “She has a drive and determination that remains unbreakable in everything she does, even in the worst of times,” Barden said. Among the many valuable lessons her mom has instilled in her, Barden added: “Be the voice for those that may not have one or can’t use theirs.”

Ultimately, life and career goals are full of challenges, obstacles, and complications. Approaching such situations with confidence and help from an established support group can enable women and young girls to achieve their aspirations and career goals. The leaders above have all faced adversity and have beat it head-on, but there was always a supportive woman behind them who laid the stepping stones for their future victories. Unity and positivity should guide the way forward for aspiring leaders. For the women out there just starting in their careers, it is wise to find as many great mentors as possible and share that knowledge once success is achieved - and women supporting women will always be a recipe for success.



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