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Dynatrace extends Application Security to .NET

Software Intelligence company Dynatrace (NYSE: DT) announced today it has extended its Application Security Module to applications running on .NET, the framework used by more than 5 million developers worldwide. This builds on Dynatrace’s existing support for Java, Node.js, and Kubernetes. As a result, even more organizations can leverage Dynatrace® Application Security to gain extensive visibility in production and pre-production environments, automatically and continuously prioritize alerts, eliminate false positives, and deliver precise answers about the source, nature, and severity of vulnerabilities.

Rachel Stephens, Senior Industry Analyst at RedMonk, commented, “Organizations operate in a complicated IT landscape. In this polyglot world with multiple hybrid-cloud and multicloud deployment targets, simplicity and security are top concerns. It is difficult for enterprises to keep their entire software stack secure and up to date. Extending application security to include support for the .NET framework is critical for enterprises in their efforts to build secure, innovative applications.”

Sustained interest in .NET reflects organizations’ use of the framework in modern cloud environments, including containers and serverless computing, as well as those that feature extensive open-source components. With this enhancement, Dynatrace provides greater confidence that applications built on the .NET framework, in addition to the libraries they utilize, are free from security exposures.

“Traditional approaches to application security cannot keep up with the complexity of modern cloud environments. Moreover, these approaches are unable to surface accurate and precise vulnerabilities at runtime,” said Steve Tack, SVP of Product Management at Dynatrace. “Dynatrace provides precise risk assessment with code-level detail, prioritization, and remediation for a broad set of application environments, now including .NET. In turn, this enables DevSecOps teams to speed innovation with the confidence that their applications are vulnerability-free.”

These enhancements will be available within the next 30 days. For additional information, please visit the Dynatrace blog.



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