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Forescout Empowers Global Cybersecurity Defense with Expanded Threat Intelligence Sharing

Forescout Technologies Inc. has unveiled the global expansion of its groundbreaking threat intelligence-sharing program, led by its research arm Forescout Research - Vedere Labs. This initiative aims to provide contextual threat intelligence to fortify global defenses and enhance overall security posture in the face of evolving cyber threats. Leveraging an impressive repository of 39 billion unique data points, Vedere Labs shares cutting-edge research on cyber threats, vulnerabilities, and attacks with the international cybersecurity community.

Elisa Costante, Vice President of Research at Forescout, highlighted the critical importance of contextual threat insights in today's ever-evolving threat landscape. "The threat landscape continues to evolve in sophistication and frequency with highly targeted attacks against both the public and private sectors," Costante remarked. "Threat Intelligence is nothing new, however, the security industry is missing contextual enriched threat insights.

Only by sharing metadata about the attacks within our community, can we grow stronger."

Forescout's commitment to global threat intelligence sharing is exemplified by its partnership with the Operational Technology Information Sharing and Analysis Center (OT-ISAC), based in Singapore. OT-ISAC serves as a platform for secure threat information-sharing, facilitating timely warnings and mitigation strategies within the community. Forescout's involvement ensures early insight into emerging threats and offers effective containment measures.

In addition to OT-ISAC, Forescout collaborates with key global partners to equip them with enhanced visibility into today's threat landscape. Notable partnerships include:

  • CISA Joint Cyber Defense Collective: Forescout provides industrial control systems expertise to support the U.S. government's cyber focus and ICS/OT resilience, as part of JCDC's mission to unify cyber defenders worldwide.

  • Australian Signal Directorate Cyber Security Centre: Forescout supports ACSC's leadership in cybersecurity by sharing intelligence via its malware information sharing platform (MISP), bolstering Australia's cyber resilience.

  • European Energy Information Sharing & Analysis Center: Forescout leads the EE-ISAC threat intelligence task force, sharing critical intelligence to enhance the resilience and security of European energy infrastructure.

  • Emerging Threat Open Sharing: Forescout is a founding member of ETHOS, an open-source, early-warning information-sharing platform that strengthens cybersecurity defenses and facilitates more effective government communication and support.

Furthermore, Forescout provides access to Vedere Labs - KEV, an original known exploitable vulnerabilities catalog, offering real-time detection rates and valuable insights into industry-specific threat landscapes, ongoing campaigns, threat actors, emerging threats, riskiest devices per industry and region, and most exploitable vulnerabilities. Barry Mainz, CEO of Forescout, emphasized the pivotal role of Forescout's threat intelligence in safeguarding organizations against evolving threats. "The vast capabilities of Forescout threat intel is our unheralded superpower," Mainz asserted. "Organizations need every advantage available to protect their people, critical systems, and data from constantly evolving bad actors."

With its expanded threat intelligence-sharing initiative, Forescout is poised to reinforce global cybersecurity defenses and empower organizations to proactively mitigate cyber risks in an increasingly interconnected digital landscape.


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