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Graylog Strengthens API Security Portfolio with Acquisition of's Data-Driven Platform

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Graylog, a global provider of award-winning SIEM and log management solutions, has announced the acquisition of's data-driven API security platform. Graylog CEO, Andy Grolnick, highlighted the significance of the acquisition, stating, "Integrating's data-driven API security solution with Graylog's award-winning SIEM platform will empower organizations to proactively safeguard their APIs and position Graylog as the only SIEM provider offering an API Security solution."

Grolnick further emphasized the need for a purpose-built API security solution to address the growing risks associated with APIs. He stated, "APIs have rapidly become a favored attack surface for cyber criminals... This report offers an early look into this critical function, just as early adopters of matching security protocols will benefit most from these capabilities."

The acquisition expands Graylog's security portfolio and equips enterprise customers with a comprehensive API security Threat Detection and Incident Response platform. By integrating the innovative technologies of, Graylog aims to fortify customers' defenses against API-related threats. Grolnick mentioned, "The distinct expertise and innovative technologies of will help customers fortify their defenses against API-related threats."

The newly acquired product will be known as Graylog API Security and will provide customers with seamless API security monitoring, threat detection, and incident response capabilities. The integration of's data-driven API solution with Graylog's SIEM solution will enable organizations to proactively safeguard their APIs.

Unlike other API solutions, Graylog API Security works in conjunction with existing Web Application Firewall (WAF) and API gateways, providing an additional layer of defense against sophisticated attacks. Grolnick highlighted the significance of this feature, stating, "Graylog API Security works with existing Web Application Firewall (WAF) and API gateways to provide an additional layer of defense that can also address sophisticated attacks from authenticated users who often gain entry as trial users, partners, and even paying customers."

The acquisition of's technology aligns with Graylog's commitment to providing comprehensive API security solutions. It enhances Graylog's capabilities in monitoring and responding to API-specific threats. By integrating's expertise, Graylog aims to empower organizations to protect their APIs effectively.

The acquisition of by Graylog is a strategic move that solidifies Graylog's position as a leader in API security. The combination of's data-driven API security solution with Graylog's renowned SIEM platform offers organizations unparalleled protection in the evolving API security landscape.



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