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How Anvilogic Democratizes Threat Detection and Hunting for SecOps

Anvilogic was a 2023 Cyber Top Innovations Award winner. We sat down with Karthik Kannan, Founder & CEO, Anvilogic, to discuss how the company is addressing the disjointed nature of security operations for today's enterprise SOC teams by democratizing threat detection and hunting and bringing automated workflows to the SecOps.

Karthik Kannan, Anvilogic’s Founder & CEO

What problem is Anvilogic solving?

Security operations today suffer from flaws in key tools like SIEM, which have failed to deliver on their promise of providing essential workflows. This lack of unity in operations and processes has resulted in added complexities for SOC teams leading to the lack of detection coverage across their data repositories and situational awareness, which compounds their struggle to keep up with emerging security threats.

Anvilogic addresses the disjointed nature of security operations for today's enterprise SOC teams by democratizing threat detection and hunting and bringing automated workflows to the SecOps. The Anvilogic Detection Engineering and Hunting Platform automates the art of low/no-code detection engineering, detection maintenance, hunting, and investigations across disparate data lakes and tools without the need to centralize data, learn new languages or deploy new agents.

By automating low/no-code detection engineering, tuning, maintenance, and hunting, Anvilogic enables teams to go from threats to detections in minutes. This empowers security teams with continuous security assessment, clear visibility across all SOC workflows, and AI-powered detection engineering insights for improved decision-making, along with a chatbot embedded with GPT to eliminate the need for coding expertise to build detections.

By democratizing detection engineering and hunting while allowing security teams to keep their data where they want it, Anvilogic is addressing practical challenges faced by both the business and SOC teams that previously had no direct solution.


How has Anvilogic addressed the specific market need it was designed for?

Anvilogic is the only Detection Engineering and Hunting Platform offering AI-driven insights and recommendations for improved threat detection – force-multiplying SOC teams to go from threats to detections in minutes. Security teams now can automate threat detection engineering, detection maintenance, hunting, and investigations to break down silos and deploy detections across disparate data lakes and tools while gaining continuous visibility into overall detection coverage.

Anvilogic’s platform provides AI-driven recommendations that instantly alert the SOC to threats and vulnerabilities with recommended steps of action, and ready-to-deploy detection content. Our out-of-the-box, but not black box security content is mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK framework and customer priorities, eliminating noise and increasing efficiency. The collaborative workspace gives SOC teams a way to build behavioral sequence-based detection logic in minutes with a low/no-code scenario builder. What took weeks of manual effort can now be done in hours – with little to no code.

Anvilogic UI

What sets Anvilogic apart from competitors in the crowded AI market?

Amidst the rapid advancements of AI in a crowded market, Anvilogic shines as the only Detection Engineering and Hunting Platform that offers AI-powered detection engineering Co-Pilot that provides guidance across the platform, from a chatbot embedded with GPT that can help write detection logic without the need for various query language expertise, to AI-driven insights and recommendations to help assist the steps to take for improved threat detection coverage.

The platform utilizes AI-powered detection engineering that continuously learns and adapts to new threat patterns. Utilizing a low/no-code builder and an OpenAI chatbot assistant to help write security detection logic on the fly, threat detection engineers can build quality detections, regardless of expertise and skill level, lowering the barrier to entry to help solve the cybersecurity skills shortage.

Additionally, our approach to automated threat detection is to deliver curated insights that combine the human element with AI capabilities. The platform enables security teams to weave the story of an incident together with intention – not guesswork – by providing actionable insights and recommendations.

Anvilogic democratizes threat detection by allowing teams to thread AI into their security operations, accelerating detection time and making detection development accessible to all. By removing logging and search language dependencies, Anvilogic enables teams to bridge the gap between hybrid and multi-cloud data platforms while keeping their data where it is.

What challenges has the company overcome in the past 12 months?

Anvilogic's rapid growth has brought both opportunities and challenges, including the seamless integration of new team members while preserving our core values. This has required meticulous coordination to avoid performance gaps and bottlenecks. Through strong leadership, communication, and strategic planning, we have successfully conquered this challenge, sustaining our growth trajectory while upholding our cultural pillars.

Another challenge we’ve faced has been educating potential customers in a complex industry filled with jargon and unfulfilled promises. Despite this, our innovative approach has helped us establish credibility as a reliable choice for effective cybersecurity solutions in a highly competitive market.

Additionally, amidst economic uncertainty, Anvilogic has navigated the turbulent waters of the cybersecurity startup world by helping companies optimize their existing security investments, rather than advocating costly rip-and-replace solutions. This approach has set us apart from competitors and positioned us as an adaptable player in the industry, maintaining a lean and innovative mindset despite the challenges.

How has Anvilogic's solution contributed to significant time and cost savings for its customers?

Anvilogic works at large scale with numerous clients, including Fortune 100 enterprises. On average, our customers save more than 180 person-hours of detection time within one month of being operational and an average annual financial savings of more than $500K. Recently, one of Anvilogic’s clients took only five hours to determine detection coverage that would have taken 1,000+ hours to determine manually, resulting in over $600K savings attributed to detection efficiency and efficacy.

Anvilogic helps extend a SOCs current investments and reduces the complexities of new workloads and shifting priorities, providing security teams with a robust security foundation tailored to their unique environment. This not only helps enhance the capabilities of SOC teams, but also simplifies the challenge of keeping up with changing attack surfaces, all while reducing the overall cost, mean-time-to-detect, and the overall risk by increasing security coverage against potential breaches.



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