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KnowBe4 Introduces Children's Interactive Activity Kit to Foster Cybersecurity Skills in Youth

KnowBe4, the leading provider of security awareness training and simulated phishing platforms, has unveiled a new resource aimed at teaching children essential cybersecurity skills. The company's newly launched youth activity packet seeks to address the increasing number of children engaging with the online world at younger ages, emphasizing the importance of education to ensure a safe and secure online experience.

Research conducted by the Child Mind Institute indicates that 53% of parents express concerns about online bullying, while 67% are worried about the content available to their children on the internet. Recognizing these concerns, KnowBe4 is offering this no-cost resource to parents and caregivers, aiming to cover pressing topics related to online safety and security.

The KnowBe4 Children's Interactive Activity Kit encompasses a range of engaging resources designed specifically for children. These include the "Bye Bye Bully" video, "Spot the Phish - Children's Edition" interactive game, "Password Zapper" game, "Security Cat's Activity Book for Kids" packet, and the "Children's Table Top Activity" packet.

Stu Sjouwerman, CEO of KnowBe4, emphasized the organization's responsibility to share its knowledge and expertise in order to help customers and their families. He stated, "These new materials will help parents and caregivers get the conversation started while equipping their children with the security skills that will benefit and enrich their online experience. Creating a foundation for safe online usage is critical to help children navigate the dangers and challenges of cyberspace."

By providing these interactive and educational materials, KnowBe4 aims to empower parents and caregivers to initiate discussions about online safety and equip children with the necessary skills to navigate the potential risks and pitfalls of the digital world. The company recognizes that fostering a strong foundation of safe online practices is vital for children to have a positive and secure online experience.

KnowBe4's initiative demonstrates their commitment to promoting cybersecurity awareness from a young age, recognizing that early education and engagement are crucial in fostering a safer digital environment for children. With the Children's Interactive Activity Kit, KnowBe4 aims to make a meaningful impact in equipping the younger generation with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate cyberspace securely.



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