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New CRO of Vade Secure Maya Gershon Discusses Unique Product Offering and Market Opportunity

Vade Secure, a predictive email defense solution provider, today announced the recruitment of Maya Gershon in the role of Chief Revenue Officer.

Previously the Vice President of Growth at WeWork, the global provider of flexible shared workspaces, Maya Gershon brings 20 years of sales and marketing experience to Vade Secure. Previously, she held leadership positions with major IT companies and startups, including Intel, Cisco, Keysight Technologies, Amdocs, and IronSource.

We sat down with Maya to discuss her new role and where she sees Vade Secure heading in 2021 in this Q&A.

Why Vade? What makes them stand out?

For a French company headquartered in the north of France to accomplish what Vade Secure has—1 billion mailboxes protected—is really remarkable. I knew it could only have been achieved by remarkable people. Not only this, but Vade Secure has an exceptionally good product, which makes the job really fun for someone who is responsible for sales. The people, combined with the product, made it an easy decision.

Where do you see Vade heading in 2021?

2021 is a year to position Vade Secure for significant growth. We are recruiting in all of our geos, scaling up marketing activities, and already seeing growth in our results. In 2021, we are focused on scaling up and building a sales and marketing machine while continuing to accelerate the development of our products as well as introduce new ones.

How does Vade see its international market opportunity?

We have significant, household brand names on our list of customers, and we’re positioned to add to that list in 2021. We operate in many countries all over the world, including Europe, US, Asia, Australia, and the Middle East. We are going to increase our footprint in most geos and scale up internationally. We have laid the groundwork for expansion, and we are ready to fully launch.



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