Next Generation of Telos’ Cyber Risk Management Platform Streamlines Security Data Sharing

Telos® Corporation, a leading provider of cyber, cloud and enterprise security solutions for the world’s most security-conscious organizations, today announced the launch of Xacta® 360 1.7, the latest version of its cyber risk management and compliance analytics platform.

This new version introduces Essential Data Exchange (EDE), an Xacta 360 capability that supports a variety of standards that automate the sharing of compliance data among organizations and applications for more efficient, less laborious compliance management, reporting and audit collaboration.

“Telos is proud to be at the forefront of supporting data-driven compliance in our Xacta solutions through EDE,” said Rick Tracy, CSO and Xacta product manager, Telos. “These data-sharing capabilities will allow our customers to collaborate on cyber risk and compliance management activities more efficiently and accelerate reciprocity when submitting security packages, performing assessments and audits, and transferring crucial body of evidence data in a tool-agnostic format.”

EDE currently supports three compliance data-sharing standards: NIST’s Open Security Controls Assessment Language (OSCAL) standard, which has been adopted by the FedRAMP cloud compliance program; BoE.xml, used by the Intelligence Community; and Xacta Data Exchange (XDE), used for audit collaboration.

The OSCAL capability enables Xacta users to submit FedRAMP system security plans (SSP) in machine-readable format. This will accelerate the approval process for inclusion in the FedRAMP Marketplace and speed time-to-revenue for federal cloud applications. Future versions of Xacta 360 will build upon OSCAL capabilities to offer even more benefit for users in various industries as NIST continues to develop the standard.