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Oligo Security Bolsters Leadership Team and Advisory Board with Industry Heavyweights

In a move signaling its commitment to solidifying its position as a frontrunner in the runtime application security and observability space, Oligo Security has announced significant additions to its leadership team and advisory board. The company, known for its innovative security solutions, has welcomed new executives from renowned industry players such as Snyk, Armis, Crowdstrike, CyberArk, and Microsoft, marking a significant milestone in its rapid growth trajectory.

Alberto Rodrigues, a seasoned executive with a rich background in technology and security, has joined Oligo as the Executive Vice President of Customer Success. Rodrigues, formerly the Chief Customer Officer at Armis, brings over a decade of experience in building service teams for startups and ensuring a seamless customer experience. He is tasked with driving customer satisfaction and ensuring the fast and impactful delivery of Oligo's solutions.

Joining Rodrigues in bolstering Oligo's leadership is Mic McCully, who has taken on the role of Director of Solution Engineering. McCully, with his extensive 25-year tenure in senior software positions, including his recent role as Field CTO at Snyk, is set to establish a top-tier solution engineering team. His expertise in application, network, data level, and mobile security is expected to strengthen Oligo's go-to-market strategy.

Oligo's advisory board has also seen an infusion of talent with the addition of former executives from Crowdstrike, CyberArk, and Microsoft, including leaders from the Microsoft Defender groups. This assembly of industry-leading executives aims to collaborate on creating groundbreaking solutions that combine their collective expertise in application security and runtime security.

Nadav Czerninski, CEO and Co-Founder of Oligo Security, expressed his enthusiasm for the new additions, stating, "Mic and Alberto bring a wealth of expertise and a track record of success that is invaluable to Oligo as we navigate the dynamic landscape of application security. Together with our new advisors, their collective leadership and domain-specific proficiency will undoubtedly propel us forward in our mission to expand and fortify our runtime application security platform."

With these strategic appointments, Oligo Security is poised to pioneer new industry standards and deliver unparalleled security solutions to organizations worldwide. The company's strengthened leadership team and advisory board are set to drive innovation and growth as Oligo continues to create and deliver cutting-edge security solutions to its global customer base.


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