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Radiflow and CyCraft Forge Partnership to Bolster Defense Against Nation-State-Sponsored APTs

Radiflow, which offers an industry-leading CIARA OT cybersecurity platform, has announced an impactful partnership with Taiwan's CyCraft, a provider of Generative AI Detection, Investigation, and Response solutions and services against nation-state-sponsored APTs.

This collaboration capitalizes on more than two decades of real-world threat intelligence from both East and West. By harnessing the power of Generative AI, this partnership unlocks untapped, unlimited detection and response capabilities for enterprise customers, MSSPs, and MDRs against increasingly sophisticated attacks targeting OT assets.

Today's CISOs are grappling with an evolving range of attacks, and their network devices, burdened with outdated and end-of-life software, are often left exposed. This vulnerability is further exacerbated by the fact that these devices cannot be taken offline for critical upgrades or security patches, leaving them susceptible to a range of threats, including both zero-day and publicly known attacks.

Many of these intrusions can be traced back to theft of credentials or other network penetration techniques that result in a significant loss of data or ransomware that leads to a total lockout.

To address these multifaceted challenges, Radiflow entered into this partnership to integrate extended network monitoring into endpoints, effectively leveraging CyCraft’s advanced threat hunting and investigation capabilities to real-time contain breach impact and stop repeat attacks. This strategic partnership ensures end users can refer to a single pane of glass without 3rd party integration work, which often adds friction to deployment and operation.

"The collaboration between CyCraft and Radiflow isn't merely; it's transformative. By synergizing our strengths, we're poised to offer unparalleled cybersecurity solutions that address not just present challenges, but anticipate future ones,” says Benson Wu, CyCraft’s Co-founder & CEO. “Our customers stand to benefit from the best of both worlds."

Radiflow’s collaboration with CyCraft is a new addition to its impressive roster of integrations that includes Fortinet and Palo Alto Networks' Firewalls, as well as the Cisco ICE Network Access Control (NAC) solution. These collaborative efforts serve as a testament to Radiflow's commitment to providing a comprehensive and effective OT cybersecurity solution.

“With integrated and tested joint solutions, we can recognize greater security across the facilities we rely on most,” said Ilan Barda, Co-founder & CEO of Radiflow. “Combining our iSID with CyCraft tools addresses the challenges of securing OT networks against the evolving attacks while ensuring that the deployment of such solutions can be done in a smooth manner.”

An overlooked but critical use case for the CISOs and their boards is to anticipate regulators raising the bar. We are seeing behind-the-scenes regulatory breach investigations demand evidence-backed incident response in minutes, not days. This emerging need for near real-time, root cause analysis serves as the bedrock for innovation this partnership brings to the market. “As an industry, it is unthinkable, unacceptable to carry on from detect to response without knowing root cause real-time” says Chris Chen, CyCraft’s CCO. “Adversaries will expect cyber defenders to be ill-prepared and ill-equipped to stop attacks. Together, let’s prove them wrong.” ###


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