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Securiti and Lacework Announce Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize Cloud Data Security

Securiti, renowned for its innovative Data Command Center, has joined forces with Lacework, a leader in data-driven cloud security. This strategic partnership heralds a new era in intelligent data protection, combining Lacework's expertise in Cloud Native Application Protection Platforms (CNAPP) with Securiti's unmatched Data Command Center, featuring Data Security Posture Management (DSPM). This collaboration aims to empower enterprises to secure their sensitive data across increasingly complex multicloud environments.

Securiti's Data Command Center stands out with its best-in-class contextual data intelligence and unified controls, stretching across hybrid multicloud landscapes. It delivers not just DSPM and DSP functions, but also a holistic view of Data Security across various platforms including SaaS, IaaS, data lakes, warehouses, and on-premise data systems. Additionally, the platform supports crucial data controls like Data Privacy, Data Governance, and AI Governance. Enterprises have found DSPM alone to be insufficient for comprehensive data security and control, a gap that Securiti's solution aims to fill.

On the other hand, Lacework extends its security coverage from code security to runtime applications. This allows enterprises to correlate risk and threat data, resulting in deeper security insights and enhanced outcomes. The synergy of Securiti's intelligent data classification and Lacework's advanced cloud attack path analysis is poised to transform how modern apps and datastores are secured, by understanding the patterns and associated risks.

David Christensen, Chief Information Security Officer of PlanSource, hails this partnership as a game-changer. “A strategic partnership between Lacework and Securiti provides improved visibility for my team, helping us focus on defined risk instead of our perception of risk,” he stated. “We’re a custodian of sensitive data and this delivers an important added visibility layer that allows us to prioritize our efforts on risk that could impact our customers and their data the most.”

The collaboration brings tangible benefits for security analysts, including the ability to identify high-priority risks, focus on high-impact threats, increase confidence in incident investigations, improve prioritization and remediation efforts, and streamline compliance with regulations like GDPR.

Jay Parikh, CEO of Lacework, emphasized the value of this partnership. “By enabling security teams to see the relationships between applications and services, and the sensitive data they directly access, we can provide a much more informed view of risk,” he said. “Adding the freshness and accuracy of Securiti’s best-of-breed DSPM capabilities to the Lacework platform allows for intelligent visibility that helps teams understand the complex linkage between data and applications. We’re excited to deliver this to our customers with Securiti.”

Rehan Jalil, CEO of Securiti, also shared his perspective. "Securiti's Data Command Center goes beyond narrow Data Security Posture Management functions, encompassing all environments and data privacy, governance, and AI governance in a single, unified platform," he remarked. "By partnering with Lacework, we are extending the reach of our platform and allowing customers to achieve a truly data-centric security posture. This sets a new standard for data-protection driven security."

This partnership signifies a significant advancement in cloud data security, promising a more intelligent, comprehensive approach to protecting sensitive data in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.


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