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Sensos Secures Series A Funding to Revolutionize Supply Chain Management

Sensos, a spin-off of Sony Semiconductor Israel, has announced the successful closure of its Series A funding round, aimed at advancing its proactive supply chain management solution. The funding, spearheaded by Magenta Venture Partners, a Mitsui-backed venture capital firm, along with JAL Ventures, Israel Cargo Logistics, and Sumitomo Corporation, signifies a significant milestone for Sensos in its quest to transform the logistics industry.

The current landscape of smart logistics is marred by fragmentation, inadequate digital solutions, and manual processes, leading to inefficiencies and waste in supply chains. Sensos, led by its co-founders Aviv Castro, Yair Ripshtos, and Tal Kanonich, has taken a comprehensive approach to tackle these challenges. By combining a unique cellular label with an AI-powered control tower, Sensos aims to revolutionize supply chain management by providing real-time actionable insights and alerts to logistic teams, enabling proactive decision-making.

Already in collaboration with renowned brands such as Bayer and DB Schenker, Sensos has demonstrated its ability to deliver valuable insights across various industries, including cold chain life-science products, consumer electronics, and high-value goods. Aviv Castro, CEO of Sensos, expressed confidence in the solution's ability to address critical industry pain points. "This investment is a clear vote of confidence in our team and solution, addressing the lack of actionable data and the need for optimized execution in today’s logistics market," remarked Castro. He highlighted the solution's potential to optimize production planning, inventory levels, and shipping efficiency while meeting environmental, social, and governance (ESG) regulations.

Ori Israely, Managing General Partner at Magenta Venture Partners, emphasized the growing demand for solutions that enable greater accountability and agility in supply chain management. "Sensos' vision surpasses that of any other player in the market, with a team well-versed in logistics poised to tackle this global challenge," noted Israely.

Amiram Levineberg, General Partner at JAL Ventures, hailed Sensos as a trailblazer in supply chain efficiency, citing the team's expertise in wireless communication as a catalyst for innovation. "In a world driven by seamless connectivity, Sensos emerges as a beacon of efficiency in supply chain management," stated Levineberg.


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