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The Cyber Jack Podcast - Battling the Bad Bots - Antoine Vastel, DataDome

Malicious or 'bad' bots are all the rage now. Cybercriminals and scammers use them to hurt users and companies' bottom line. As bot capabilities advance and become more rampant in e-commerce, businesses need to become savvier about their defenses in order to protect their customers. We sat down with Cyber Influencer Top 10 winner Antoine Vastel, Head of Research at DataDome, to discuss the evolution of malicious bots, the impact on e-commerce, and how businesses can defend themselves. All this and more on The Cyber Jack Podcast.

Antoine Vastel, DataDome
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As Head of Research at DataDome, Antoine analyzes customer inquiries and alerts from internal monitoring systems, ensuring the global DataDome team stays up to date on new findings and suspicious activity. He also works directly with customers to prepare for flash sales and limited edition releases. Fun Fact: A couple of years ago, Antoine wrote an open-source implementation of a canvas fingerprinting algorithm inspired by Elie Bursztein’s Picasso paper. His code is now used by other companies, including Discord, in their bot detection scripts.



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