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The Cyber Jack Podcast - Ransomware Slows, MacBooks Can Still Have a Backdoor - Tony Anscombe, ESET

Guest Tony Anscombe, Chief Security Evangelist, ESET brought some data with him. According to ESET's research, key stats around malware and ransomware have declined, and that's great, but that doesn't tell the full threat story. Apple products have an aura of impenetrability, but a back door in MacOS was recently discovered by ESET. And finally, we check in on the Russia-Ukraine war cyber implications. All this and more on The Cyber Jack Podcast.

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With over 20 years of security industry experience, Tony Anscombe is an established author, blogger and speaker on the current threat landscape, security technologies and products, data protection, privacy and trust and internet safety. His speaking portfolio includes industry conferences RSA, Black Hat, VB, CTIA, MEF, Gartner Risk and Security Summit and the Child Internet Safety Summit.

He is regularly quoted in security, technology and business media, including BBC, the Guardian, the New York Times and USA Today, with broadcast appearances on Bloomberg, BBC, CTV, KRON and CBS.



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