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TikTok “Invisible Body” Trend Spreads Malware

Hackers are capitalizing on the new "Invisible Body Challenge" trend that is being spread via social media platform TikTok. Hackers have managed to install malware on users' devices to steal passwords, Discord accounts, and even cryptocurrency wallets. Victims unknowingly download malware after cybercriminals offer "unfiltering" filter to remove TikTok's body masking filter and expose the TikTokers' nude bodies.

Rick McElroy, VMware

Rick McElroy, Principal Cybersecurity Strategist at VMware, has been following this topic closely and has shared his insights on the trend.

“Cybercriminals generally target populations according to the user base. If MySpace was still huge, they would target MySpace. If newer generations were on Facebook, then they would target Facebook users. Given the user base of TikTok, this type of activity is not shocking. From a consumer perspective, they should not enable untrusted third-party applications and should rely on Apple Store controls for software vetting.

This reminds me of the aging app that many people used and the data wound up in Russia. Consumers should be wary of any and all plugins and filters. Younger users should be aware of how much access TikTok has to their data and mobile device based on their end-user license agreement (EULA) and make smart choices when it comes to privacy and security.”



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