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Vade Announces Unified Threat Detection and Incident Response for MSPs Amid Corporate Rebrand

Vade, a global leader in predictive email defense with one billion protected mailboxes worldwide, today announced the release of MSP Response, a unified threat management and incident response tool for Vade for M365, on the heels of a full corporate rebrand. Uniquely designed for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), MSP Response empowers MSPs to deliver managed security services that are scalable and profitable, at no additional cost.

MSP Response is a unified dashboard in the Vade Partner Portal, centralizing Microsoft 365 tenants in a single location. Unlike other solutions, MSP Response marries threat detection and incident response, aggregating critical email log data and one-click remediation in one place to quickly detect and remove innovative and emerging email threats with ease.

"Vade's new feature will give MSPs a holistic view of cybersecurity across their client base," said Daniel Warelow, Product Manager, Giacom. "It will also save them time and money, while helping to advance their managed security services offering."

According to a recent analyst survey, 60 percent of respondents agreed that the accelerated public cloud adoption or migration due to COVID-19 drove them to invest in managed security services. Vade's commitment to partners' success is an integral part of its product strategy, and MSP Response was developed with this in mind to provide a straightforward experience to MSPs as demand for managed security services grows.

"We are excited to continue expanding our capabilities to enable MSPs to simplify the often time-consuming and complex process of providing managed security services," said Adrien Gendre, Chief Product & Services Officer, Vade. "MSPs work tirelessly to deliver value to their end customers, and we pride ourselves on being a part of that process with MSP Response as a tool to build those services."

MSP Response will be available to new and existing partners on June 16. To learn more about Vade for M365 or purchase the solution, visit Vade for M365.



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