Valtix CEO Talks Public Cloud Security Challenges, New Multi-Cloud Security Platform Update

This week, Valtix, the first multi-cloud network security platform delivered as a service, announced the latest release of its award-winning platform. Valtix 2.9 addresses speed and simplicity by enabling identification of security gaps and deployment of network-based cloud security controls across all major cloud platforms – AWS, Azure, GCP and Oracle Cloud. The release marks yet another company milestone alongside 10x platform usage growth in 2021.

We spoke with Doug Murray, CEO, Valtix about the company's mission, the challenges of securing multi-cloud environments, and the company's new platform update.

What is the company's mission?

The Valtix mission is “Security at the Speed of the Cloud.” What does that really mean? Security in the cloud must be architected around a more dynamic environment and must be able to adapt quickly to change. Failing to do so will result in security gaps that lead to costly remediations and potentially business-impacting security breaches. Valtix delivers the industry’s first multi-cloud network security that can be deployed in 5 minutes (vs. days or weeks) and can adapt to change in seconds (vs. days). This ultimately enables a 10x productivity improvement for the cloud security and operations teams tasked with securing the cloud.

What challenges do you aim to solve?