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Valtix CEO Talks Public Cloud Security Challenges, New Multi-Cloud Security Platform Update

This week, Valtix, the first multi-cloud network security platform delivered as a service, announced the latest release of its award-winning platform. Valtix 2.9 addresses speed and simplicity by enabling identification of security gaps and deployment of network-based cloud security controls across all major cloud platforms – AWS, Azure, GCP and Oracle Cloud. The release marks yet another company milestone alongside 10x platform usage growth in 2021.

We spoke with Doug Murray, CEO, Valtix about the company's mission, the challenges of securing multi-cloud environments, and the company's new platform update.

What is the company's mission?

The Valtix mission is “Security at the Speed of the Cloud.” What does that really mean? Security in the cloud must be architected around a more dynamic environment and must be able to adapt quickly to change. Failing to do so will result in security gaps that lead to costly remediations and potentially business-impacting security breaches. Valtix delivers the industry’s first multi-cloud network security that can be deployed in 5 minutes (vs. days or weeks) and can adapt to change in seconds (vs. days). This ultimately enables a 10x productivity improvement for the cloud security and operations teams tasked with securing the cloud.

What challenges do you aim to solve?

When it comes to security of the network within public cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP, OCI, etc.), the vast majority of organizations have tried to forklift on-prem oriented firewalls in the form of virtual appliances. Eventually, these organizations realize that this approach is not only costly and resource intensive, but it also doesn’t really keep up with the constant cloud change. For example, it might take weeks if not months to deploy security policy for a new app. And if there’s a change, it might take days or longer to adapt. Those time frames just aren’t acceptable to line of business teams.

AWS and Azure also have their own native firewall services. However, what many organizations experience is that these services are not multi-cloud and they ultimately require stitching together many separate capabilities to meet security or compliance needs.

What makes public cloud security so challenging?

The biggest complicating factor with public cloud security is that network security tools don’t connect visibility to control. The reason that’s such an issue is that the cloud changes continuously. In the old days of network security, policy could be written against a fixed asset IP address. This approach breaks in the cloud where IP addresses change frequently. A new approach is needed that defines security policy around continuously discovered applications and workload tags, not network addresses. Visibility and control is additionally complicated by multiple paths of entry (ingress) and exit (egress, east-west). It’s challenging to be inline with each path using a traditional firewall or a fragmented approach that uses multiple products for each transit path.

Tell us about the release of Valtix 2.9. What improvements have been made?

Valtix 2.9 is a major platform release that adds significant new capabilities to our platform:

Increased Simplicity: For the first time, new cloud accounts can be self-service onboarded and enable discovery to defense in 5 minutes.

Platform as a Service (PaaS) Security: Valtix users can gain visibility & control of the 10s & 100s of Cloud Services from AWS, Azure & GCP.

Dynamic, Multi-Cloud Security Policies: Valtix 2.9 builds off existing capabilities to deliver true multi-cloud and multi-account security that adapts to your application infrastructure.

Simplified Deployment in AWS: Streamlined setup to secure 10s or 100s of hub-n-spoke VPCs in AWS with the Valtix portal or via Terraform.

Where can people interested in learning more find more information?

Valtix is hosting a webinar on September 14th at 12 p.m. EST/ 9 a.m. PST. Guests will be given a tour of the new and improved Valtix 2.9 release and learn about the company’s strategy to transform cloud security. Registration is free and available here. There will also be a detailed blog on on the day of release. Lastly, there is a product tour available on



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