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Vectra AI and Gigamon Announce Partnership to Enhance Hybrid Cloud Security

Vectra AI Inc., a leader in hybrid attack detection, investigation, and response, has partnered with Gigamon, the leading deep observability company, to deliver an intelligent extended detection and response (XDR) solution for hybrid cloud environments. This new OEM partnership combines Vectra AI's AI-driven Attack Signal Intelligence with Gigamon's deep observability capabilities, offering a comprehensive solution to detect and respond to previously unseen threats.

The integration addresses the challenges faced by DevOps, NetOps, and SecOps teams in ensuring the security and continuous monitoring of hybrid and multi-cloud workloads. With the scale of network data available to enterprise IT organizations continuing to explode, there is an increased need for deep observability into hybrid cloud infrastructure.

The Vectra AI Platform, integrated with Gigamon GigaVUE Cloud Suite, provides enhanced hybrid attack visibility and context, including lateral (East-West) visibility. This integration results in reduced detection latency, reduced risk exposure, and optimized Security Operations Center (SOC) team workflows.

Key features of the Vectra AI Platform include:

  • Integrated attack signal across network and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) environments, including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

  • Consolidation of various data sources into a single pane of glass to optimize investigation and response activities.

  • Simplified cloud-native traffic forwarding support from the Gigamon Deep Observability Pipeline directly to the Vectra AI Platform.

  • Reduced cost by eliminating the need for cloud-native tools.

Chris Kissel, research vice president in IDC's Security and Trust Products Group, noted, "Recent trends in the cybersecurity industry indicate many XDR offerings have expanded to capture new categories of events. By adding support for more data sources and threat intelligence and leveraging the power of Gigamon and Vectra AI for hybrid and multi-cloud visibility, this transition to more multifunction network detection for both on-premise and cloud aligns well with the use case of network/security operations evolution and migration to the cloud."

Martin Fisher, CISO at Northside Hospital, highlighted the partnership as a key building block in detecting and responding to threats, stating, "The combination of Gigamon and Vectra reduces the friction in building the capabilities we need to protect our environment. That partnership is a key building block as we continue to detect and respond to threats."

Paul Eccleston, SVP EMEA for Exclusive Networks, emphasized the significance of creating a turnkey solution for cloud security, saying, "Creating a turnkey solution with Gigamon and Vectra AI is a game changer for cloud security. We’ll now be able to offer our global customers a complete cyber defense solution for any and all cloud networks, delivering the deep observability they need from Gigamon with a best-in-class, AI-based threat detection, investigation and response platform from Vectra AI – combined into a single offering."

Greg Murphy, senior vice president of operations and strategy at Vectra AI, underscored the commitment to comprehensive cloud security with continuous monitoring, stating, "With the power of Gigamon, the Vectra AI Platform delivers enhanced best-in-class integrated attack signal for network to cloud detections and improves security posture, while maximizing existing talent and security solutions. As organizations embrace hybrid and multi-cloud environments, this new offering underscores our commitment to comprehensive cloud security with continuous monitoring."

Michael Dickman, chief product officer at Gigamon, expressed enthusiasm for bringing a turnkey cloud cybersecurity solution to the Vectra AI customer base, stating, "We are glad to bring a turnkey cloud cybersecurity solution to the Vectra AI customer base, with deep observability from Gigamon enabling threat detection and response that would be otherwise impossible or impractical. Global organizations must modernize cloud security operations for cyber resilience that is both effective and efficient. With this new joint solution, SOC analysts can finally solve the problem of East-West as well as North-South threat detection, for any and all cloud workloads."

The partnership between Vectra AI and Gigamon represents a significant advancement in cloud security, providing global organizations with the tools needed to modernize cloud security operations for cyber resilience.


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