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Sonrai Security Unveils Industry's First Cloud Permissions Firewall for Enhanced Cloud Security

Sonrai Security has announced the launch of its pioneering Cloud Permissions Firewall for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. This innovative technology represents a significant leap forward in cloud access and permissions security, offering a one-click least privilege solution that seamlessly integrates with cloud operations and development teams.

The Sonrai Cloud Permissions Firewall simplifies the intricate landscape of cloud access and permissions security, streamlining the process with just one click. By harnessing sensitive access and permissions intelligence, the firewall identifies the necessary access or rights required for running workloads in the cloud and instantaneously blocks unnecessary and risky access to cloud services and permissions across the entire cloud estate. This ensures that development remains unhindered, with automated exceptions for essential access and a frictionless permission-on-demand workflow that accommodates permission expansion as needed.

With over 42,000 possible permissions between AWS, Azure, and GCP, and new permissions added daily, the challenge of managing permissions has become increasingly complex. Thousands of permissions can be exploited to cause harm, including data exposure, unauthorized entry, privilege escalation, and lateral movement. As companies expand their cloud presence, unused sensitive access and privileges can lead to significant security vulnerabilities. The Sonrai Cloud Permissions Firewall addresses these challenges by instantly closing these security gaps.

"We have worked with companies and developers tasked with thousands of extra things to fix in their code, and it's not working to solve this pressing security problem or privilege and access bloat," said Brendan Hannigan, CEO and co-founder of Sonrai Security. "We knew there was a better option than just another 'visibility tool' – The Cloud Permissions Firewall delivers action that automatically closes these security vulnerabilities with zero-disruption to ongoing operations."

Key benefits of the Cloud Permissions Firewall include a 92% reduction in the cloud permissions attack surface, 97% time saved in accomplishing least privilege, and 100% protection of new identities.

"The challenge about deleting unused identities or enforcing least privilege is we know it's the 'right' thing to do, but everyone's afraid it'll break something or interrupt our development cycles," said Preetam Sirur, Chief Information Security Officer of Eye Care Leaders. "However, the assurance the Cloud Permissions Firewall brings us has eliminated our hesitations. Now we just deploy – confidently."


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