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Gathid Revolutionizes Identity and Access Governance with Innovative Directed Graph Model

Gathid today announced its groundbreaking approach to identity and access governance. The new platform, inspired by the concept of gathered identities, utilizes a patented directed graph model to pinpoint identity and access anomalies, ensuring rapid deployment and seamless integration across diverse IT infrastructures.

Peter Hill, founder and CEO of Gathid, shared the inspiration behind the new solution, stating, "While deploying our physical access security products for some of the world's largest companies, we saw firsthand how much identity debt most organizations carry. This inspired us to invent a solution that helps organizations gain the visibility they need to strengthen access management without completely overhauling their people, processes, physical infrastructure, and technology."

Gathid's strength lies in its novel application of the "Gathid Graph," a dynamic patented identity model that is reconstructed daily from the ground up. This approach eliminates the need for system syncs and incomplete delta reports, ensuring an ever-accurate and ever-compliant identity and access ecosystem. The platform offers rapid deployment and affordable insight for every system, bridging the visibility gap in identity and access governance.

Key benefits of Gathid's platform include:

  • Identity Graph Technology: Constructs a daily identity graph model, providing a comprehensive view of the enterprise identity landscape.

  • Rapid Deployment: Offers a streamlined solution that models identity data from any system, including complex and disconnected applications.

  • Affordable Insight: Delivers immediate insight into business roles, identities, and access without the high costs of traditional approaches.

  • Continuous Automated User Access Reviews (UAR): Automates and streamlines user access reviews, ensuring up-to-date permissions.

  • Toxic Role Combination Alerts: Analyzes high-risk identity and access data across diverse technologies to identify and rectify toxic role combinations.

  • Incident Memory: Empowers incident response with a historical daily record of identities and access, providing recommendations for mitigating and preventing future incidents.

  • Compatibility: Completely independent of existing enterprise applications, the platform can receive identity and access data from any system.

Hill further emphasized the company's focus on the identity and access governance market, stating, "The divestment of our physical security products and the rebranding to Gathid has allowed us to focus on the rapidly growing identity and access governance global market. We have successfully migrated our customer base to the new Gathid infrastructure and are leveraging events like AISA CyberCon and strategic collaborations, including with KPMG, to generate high-quality sales opportunities. The market momentum we have achieved, in a short period, positions us for exceptional growth throughout 2024."


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