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Breach Secure Now Unveils Revolutionary Integration of Microsoft 365 Training into DevOps Services

In a groundbreaking move set to reshape the landscape of managed service providers (MSPs), Breach Secure Now (BSN) has announced a significant evolution in its offerings. The company is introducing integrated Microsoft 365 productivity training into its platform, a development that CEO Art Gross describes as a "revolutionary expansion of our channel-leading training platform."

This new feature aims to empower MSPs to strengthen their core services and assist clients in maximizing their Microsoft 365 investments. "It allows us to help MSPs strengthen their core services and help clients maximize their M365 investment," Gross explained, highlighting the strategic importance of this integration.

In addition to the Microsoft 365 training, BSN is also launching the Breach Secure Now Teams App. This innovation brings the BSN platform directly into the Microsoft Teams client, seamlessly integrating into the existing workflows of partners and their clients. Gross emphasized the transformative potential of this integration, stating, "Built into Microsoft Teams and utilizing native Teams notifications, this will be a real game changer."

The introduction of the Teams App is expected to enhance engagement from client employees, a response to partner requests for improved participation in cybersecurity and productivity training. By making the training platform more accessible within daily work environments, BSN aims to facilitate easier interaction with their content.

Gross also highlighted the flexibility of the training platform, noting that employees can access BSN training on their desktop or on the go with their mobile devices. "They can interact with our content when it is most convenient for them," he said, underscoring the user-friendly nature of the platform.

At the core of BSN's evolution is the Microsoft 365 Productivity Training, which includes fundamental skills courses, a dedicated cybersecurity class, and an innovative learning format called Nanos©. These short, engaging videos are likened to Instagram Reels or TikTok, designed to capture the attention of learners in a concise and effective manner. For partners with Google clients, BSN offers Google Cybersecurity Training, providing a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity education.

With this strategic evolution, Breach Secure Now reaffirms its commitment to delivering forward-thinking solutions that enhance security and elevate business operations. Gross's vision is clear: to foster a future of secure and productive collaboration in cybersecurity, empowering businesses for optimal success. As BSN takes this significant stride, the integration of productivity collaboration within cybersecurity marks a new era for MSPs and their clients.


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