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Cork's Early Access Program Hits Full Capacity as MSPs Seek Cyber Risk Solutions

Cork, the dedicated cyber risk monitoring and warranty company catering to MSPs serving small businesses and their managed ISV solutions, has achieved remarkable success with its Early Access Program. Within just three weeks of its launch, the program reached full capacity due to overwhelming demand from the MSP market. As Cork continues to onboard over 300 Early Access Program channel partners, the company has also opened a waiting list for the general availability of the Cork Protection platform, anticipated to launch in Fall 2023.

The unprecedented interest and demand for Cork's Early Access Program underscore the significant need for its innovative offering within the MSP community. Carlson Choi, CEO of Cork, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "The response to the Cork Early Access Program has been astounding and serves as validation that we have created a groundbreaking and highly sought-after solution for MSPs. The simplicity of implementing the Cork platform and quickly offering the warranty during the onboarding process resonates strongly with MSPs. They recognize that Cork is a cyber protection solution specifically designed for their needs. We are rapidly onboarding MSPs from our queue and eagerly await the engagement of our waitlist partners as we approach general availability."

For many SMBs relying on MSPs, the cost and complexity of obtaining cyber insurance present significant barriers. MSPs require a solution that offers swift access to financial coverage for their clients in the event of a security incident, removing these obstacles and opening new revenue opportunities. Cork distinguishes itself as the world's first cyber warranty company to provide Protection from the Inside Out, combining data-driven active risk management with accessible financial protection for both MSPs and the small businesses they serve.

BRITECITY, a managed IT service provider based in Orange County, California, specializing in cybersecurity services, immediately recognized the value and potential offered by Cork. Chad Gniffke, CEO of BRITECITY, emphasized, "Upon engaging with Cork, we realized there are no barriers to entry. The ability to continue using our own security stack while seamlessly integrating Cork to underwrite coverage sets it apart from previous warranty or insurance offerings. Cork enables us to standardize and package it as a new service within our existing offerings, adding even greater value for our clients."

WOM Technology Management Group, a managed cybersecurity and technology services provider located in Hobe Sound, FL, has also incorporated the Cork warranty into its Confidence as a Service portfolio. Derreck Ogden, CEO of WOM Technology Management Group, highlighted the importance of shared risk and accountability in managed cybersecurity services, stating, "All small businesses should expect their MSP to share risk and accountability, especially in the realm of cybersecurity. This lies at the core of our Confidence as a Service offering, and adding the Cork warranty significantly enhances its value for our clients. It enables our comprehensive approach to cyber protection by identifying risks that might lead to denied claims under traditional insurance policies, while covering immediate losses such as business interruption and incident response." ###


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