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Cyviation Partners with Deloitte Canada to Bolster Aircraft Cybersecurity

Cyviation, a pioneering aircraft cybersecurity company, has teamed up with Deloitte Canada to provide a comprehensive solution aimed at fortifying aircraft security and minimizing cybersecurity risks in the aviation industry. This partnership merges Deloitte's extensive cybersecurity consulting and professional services with Cyviation's advanced aircraft cybersecurity solutions.

The collaborative solution will encompass three core offerings designed to reduce cybersecurity risk exposure, elevate awareness, manage cyber incidents, and assist commercial airlines in building resilience while preparing for forthcoming cyber regulations. These offerings include cybersecurity training and education, fleet cyber risk assessment, and cyber incident management.

Cyviation's CEO, Avi Tenenbaum, expressed the significance of this partnership, stating, "At Cyviation, the trust bestowed by Deloitte fuels our joint market endeavors, amplifying our mutual impact in our go-to-market effort. Our combined offering adds value to the market and is a vital compass for operators and airlines navigating complex cybersecurity challenges and current and upcoming regulations, especially around the aircraft and fleet."

In response to the Securities and Exchange Commission's (SEC) recent adoption of new rules for cybersecurity risk management, a Deloitte poll revealed that 64.8% of public company executives intend to strengthen their cybersecurity programs. More than half of these executives (54.1%) also plan to urge their third-party partners to enhance their cybersecurity initiatives in light of the new SEC regulations.

Grégory Lemaire, Partner of Risk Advisory and Cyber Risk at Deloitte Canada, emphasized the broader implications of the collaboration, stating, "Deloitte’s 2023 Global Future of Cyber survey found that cyber is more than just technology-focused—it is foundational to an organization’s growth strategy. Cyviation and Deloitte's collaborative efforts not only foster trust but also leverage mutual strengths in the market. Our joint offerings hold immense value for a tailored solution for multiple aviation industry players."

Cyviation specializes in aircraft security, offering a multi-layered approach that encompasses fleet assessments, aircrew training, aviation SIEM (Security Information and Event Management), and patented intrusion detection technology for avionics in commercial aircraft and private jets. Their focus on aviation cybersecurity ensures safety, security, and proactive defense measures while facilitating compliance with impending regulations.

Chairman Arik Arad of Cyviation underscored the urgency of their mission, stating, "As cyber threats continue to increase, our steadfast mission persists in empowering the aviation sector with robust defenses and proactive strategies. Amidst unprecedented global risks and escalating cyber threats, equipping the aviation industry with unparalleled safeguards has never been more urgent, and we continue to remain unwavering in our vision."


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