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Orca Security Breaks Ground with AI-Driven Cloud Asset Search in Cutting-Edge Security Platform

Orca Security has unveiled a groundbreaking addition to its arsenal – AI-driven cloud asset search within the Orca Cloud Security Platform. In a pioneering move, Orca has become the very first cloud security provider to introduce AI-powered cloud asset search that's as simple as asking a question. This innovation isn't just confined to cybersecurity pros; it's designed to empower developers, DevOps teams, cloud architects, and risk governance and compliance teams with an effortless means to comprehend their cloud environments.

Expanding on Orca's existing integrations with ChatGPT and Microsoft Azure OpenAI GPT-4 for generating remediation guidance, the new AI-driven search feature has obliterated the barriers by allowing users to pose natural language queries. Questions like "Do I have any log4j vulnerabilities that are public-facing?" or "Do I have any unencrypted databases with sensitive data exposed to the Internet?" can now be answered with ease. This democratizes cloud security, making it accessible to individuals across the organization, regardless of their expertise, enabling swift responses to zero-day threats, optimizing cloud assets, and enhancing threat awareness for data-driven decision-making.

Gil Geron, CEO and co-founder of Orca Security, emphasized the company's commitment to user-friendly cloud security: "With our latest AI-powered cloud asset search, we are delivering on our promise to provide cloud security that is easy to operate." He added, "We built the industry's first agentless cloud security platform to eliminate lengthy and labor-intensive deployments. Now we are focused on democratizing cloud security by introducing solutions that do not require reading through lengthy documentation or extensive training to operationalize, allowing security teams, developers, and DevOps teams to get value from day one."

Cloud asset discovery is an essential process for identifying, categorizing, and mapping digital assets within a cloud environment. Despite its critical importance, many organizations still lack access to comprehensive asset visibility. Orca's patented SideScanning technology addresses this by delivering 100% visibility and now makes this information effortlessly accessible to diverse teams, enhancing their understanding of their cloud environments and expediting response to time-sensitive threats like Log4j.

Moreover, Orca simplifies the asset search process by eliminating the need for users to grapple with different naming conventions across cloud providers. General inquiries like "Which virtual instances are stopped?" automatically trigger Orca's cross-provider search, ensuring accurate and relevant results without requiring users to navigate provider-specific terminology. Orca's AI-driven cloud asset search is poised to redefine cloud security accessibility and effectiveness across the industry. ###


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