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Product Spotlight: Cloudentity Dynamic Authorization Open Banking Sandbox

Open Banking is democratizing financial services, giving consumers and businesses the ability to manage money faster and more conveniently. Leveraging this Open Data can introduce new security challenges, so well-built APIs mitigate are needed to reduce risks when exchanging data. Cloudentity’s Dynamic Authorization Open Banking Sandbox is a proven model that provides a secure infrastructure for enterprises deploying API-driven services for Open Banking. It uses context-based Dynamic Authorization based on who, what, where, when and why to authenticate a user’s identity and securely connect them to their financial apps and services. Cloudentity’s Authorization Control Plane, a key component of its Open Banking solutions, provides financial-grade APIs along with the management, enforcement and auditing necessary to meet strict compliance standards. Cloudentity’s capabilities solve the complex security challenges in Open Banking and help to assess the context of each data transaction for better security and improves customer experience for financial services apps.

Who It's Intended For:

Developer teams at banks, fintech companies and other financial institutions looking to join the API economy by developing innovative financial services for consumers and partners.

Key Differentiators:

  • Cloudentity’s platform includes all of the essential security and trust features needed for Open Banking, such as intelligent threat protection and fine-grained customer consent management.

  • Its Dynamic Authorization and Open Banking policy packs to provide security and privacy guardrails for developers, which reduces development time for new Open Banking initiatives by up to 85%.

  • Cloudentity’s privacy ledger provides Immutable Audit Logs and Kantara consent receipts for all Open Banking and Open APIs giving the highest levels of trust and traceability to end users, banks and third-party providers.

  • Cloudentity it takes a holistic approach to API governance by providing a comprehensive view of all APIs and services in one place. Its robust monitoring capabilities include reporting on authentications, authorizations and API access in a real-time dashboard.

  • Cloudentity’s Open Banking Sandbox features one-touch integrations with leading identity providers, including Microsoft, Amazon, Google, FIDO, and Entrust, to standardize data. This allows aggregation across multiple identity providers and other data stores to create exceptional customer experiences.


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