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Product Spotlight: CybelAngel - Digital Risk Management Platform

Name of Product: CybelAngel

CybelAngel is a leading digital risk management platform that provides enterprises with actionable threat intelligence from data leaks both inside and outside the firewall. CybelAngel has dramatically expanded the landscape of internet perimeters from which it can detect data leaks and digital threats. CybelAngel now scans and monitors 6 critical perimeters, including cloud services and open databases, and will continue to expand this perimeter landscape as cyber risks inevitably evolve. Customers can now tailor CybelAngel's solution to accommodate the unique cyber risk profiles of their organizations. With customized deployments of CybelAngel's technology to chosen sets of perimeters, businesses with IT ecosystems of any size can take advantage of the world's most powerful data leak detection platform.  CybelAngel is also now offering professional remediation services that can resolve data leaks and digital threats on behalf of customers. Combining these remediation services with their core detection technology, CybelAngel now provides a complete cyber risk management solution to enterprises.

Key Differentiators:

  • Provides the biggest scanning capabilities in the market, with more than 320B documents and 1.2B credentials scanned every year

  • Only solution that can continuously scan, monitor and alert across six critical internet perimeters in real time. No other vendor is providing comprehensive data leak detection across the connected storage and open database perimeters

  • Other vendors rely too heavily on either their technology or their human resources, while CybelAngel is able to offer customers a balanced solution

  • No false positive are sent to customers: all alerts are relevant, business sensitive, and actionable

  • CybelAngel is the first complete cyber risk management solution, offering new data leak detection perimeters and professional remediation services

Who It's Intended For:

  • Enterprise company executives (CISO, CIO, Head/Director/VP/Manager of Information)

  • Operations (SOC Manager, SOC Operator, Network Administrator, System Administrator)

  • Analysts (Information security analyst, cybersecurity analyst)


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